A Class F star is the fourth-brightest type of main sequence star. They are typically colored white or yellow-white. They make up roughly 3% of main-sequence stars.

A typical Class F star has a mass of 1.2 (1.04 to 1.4) solar masses, a radius of 1.3 (1.15 to 1.4) solar radii, a luminosity of 3 (1.5 to 5) solar luminosities, a surface temperature of 6,750 K (6,000 K to 7,500 K), and a lifespan of 5 billion years.

While these stars have lifespans a bit shorter than the Sun, they are likely candidates for planets and life with habitable zones around 1.5 AU away, though perhaps they might become too bright and hot later in their lives for intelligent life to develop.

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