The classification of verses

1st class: [list]

Everything up to The Box

2nd class: [list]

Everything from The Box to The Bottle

3rd class: [list]

Everything from The Shelf to Peraomniversal Complex

4th class: [list]

Everything from the Uniperaverse to The Existence

5th class: [list]

Everything from Time and reality to Obice Novissimo

6th class: [list]

Everything from The Blue Barrier to The Drum

7th class: [list]

Everything from Hentexa to [N/A]

Other classes/non-class

░▒▒▓░▓▒░▒▒░▓▒░▒▒-class: [list]

Only (non-digital) glitches go here.

Pre-class: [list]

These are technically not verses and exist below Universe

Nonclassified: [list]

These are articles that are not recognized in the great hierarchy, either because of how theoretical and/or how bad they are.

Unclassified: [list]

Articles where there is not enough information to place them into any class.

Unclassifiable: [list]

Articles that have no class in the main hierarchy and could never.

Terminators: [list]

These are the end to the classes of verses.

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