Cloud God

Cloud god.png

The Cloud God is one of the strongest, wisest, oldest and largest gods ever.

The Cloud God is a heart-shaped, immortal entity, bearing the resemblance of a cloud and floating in the center of the Cloudverse. It is only a millionth of the verses size, as it uses the Cloudverse's materials slowly to exist. In exchange for absorbing materials from the Cloudverse, it allows life and mega-colonies to flourish for eons.

The chemical make up of the Cloud God is unknown, it appears to be solid, like concrete, whilst having a white gas orbiting around it. The gas reaches the surface, with a semi-major axis of light-years. Inside which, are some of the harshest conditions ever observed. Wind speeds of appear at being the depth in light-years.

Some verses unfortunately end up in the whirlwind and get stuck. This doesn't have a negative effect, but anyone attempting to leave has to teleport outside of the tornado, otherwise, leaving will be much more difficult.

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