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The Cloudverse is a large verse in which rests the Cloud God in the center.

The verse rests inside a thin, warpable, liquid material, which causes the lights of the verses to reflect and warp also, like in a glass ball. This layer is 20 million light-years big, which might not seem as small, but when compared to the overall size of the Cloudverse, it is very small.

Every 1 OYC or so, the Cloud God starts to pulsate, with seemingly random pulses of light and shakes. The interval between each pulse is random, lasting anywhere from 5 hours to 12 weeks.

When this happens, a strong wave of light and vibrations echoes throughout the Cloudverse until it terminates at the edge, upon which the Cloudverse will be flung across space in a random direction. Since the Cloudverse is so large and stable, this effect can't be felt by anything inside of the Cloudverse.

Inside of the Cloudverse rest triangles (known as Cloudshards), normal verses and Cloud-class stars, as well as many more objects, all formed naturally.