The Collectionverse is a post-multiverse-type structure containing different classes of Multiverse known as collections. A collection of multiverses is determined by Grand God Grude, ruler of every Multiverse in a Collectionverse. Collections tend to be quite spaced from eachother, with a low infinite amount of multiverses in each. The categories of multiverse collections are listed below, as well as good examples of said collections.


Standard Collection

Standard multiverses are those with mixed universes in other categories, or those with no solid features. The newest Multiverses tend to be in the Standard category the most, like Multiverse 560-U. 560-U Is a very non-notable Multiverse with a few corrupted, life infested, and empty universes of all sorts. While slightly old, it is a perfect representative of a Standard multiverse.

Lively Collection

Multiverses in the lively collection are the ones with the most life in them, big or small. Multi-universal superstates usually belong to one of these for better or worse, and Cheesecheeseverses are crawling with microbes, making them the perfect lively multiverses. Other then that, Multiverse 689-P is the best example available, as it is bursting with sentient plants, animals, and bacteria, all competing and satisfying the circle of life

Glitch Collection

Glitch multiverses, as the name may lead you to believe, are very glitch-ridden and tend to bear very little life. While science can unglitch these unfortunate locations, they usually become Empty Collection multiverses instead, only rarely becoming one of the other 2 instead. Glitch Multiverses come in two variants as well, Inside Glitchy and Full Glitchy. Inside Glitchy Multiverses are ones where the multiverse itself is fine, but nearly all of its universes are not and thus it must be placed here. Full Glitchies are Multiverses where the body itself is tainted and spreads it to contained bodies until cleansed. A good example is poor, poor 239-SCOOT, greatly glitched during a war was once an Empty collection outpost with trillions of soldiers and residents, but they were glitched into rubber chickens during an all out attack from the other species. Some traumatized residents near the area still hear the desperate cries turned to rubber sqeaks.

Empty Collection

Empty multiverses are the most barren of the collections, all multiverses categorized this way have lost all life, have few or no universes, or even just lack anything aside from their multiversal shell. Being the least interesting and populated, outposts are often built on the edge of the Empty collection, and they are hubs for artificial experiments, structures, and beings to be built and tested. Good ol' 300-GF is an empty multiverse in the center of the collection, and it's the most empty of them all. Less then a speck of dust has been found by GGG, and it's never been alive beforehand.

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