A Colossal String Event (CSE) is an event where, due to quantum fluctuations, a "wall" is made using energy.

Visualization of a CSE

This event takes place in a timeframe of 1 zeptosecond - 50 zeptosecond, which causes objects to get obliterated if they are in the way of a CSE.

CSEs are seperated into multiple groups.

Class Lower limit (ly) Upper limit (ly) Description
A 0 1 The smallest known CSEs lie here
+A 1 1,000 Very rare, usually found at the edge of The Omniverse.
A* 1,000 1,000,000 Rare, found only on the edge of The Box.
+A* 1,000,000 1,000,000,000 Extremely rare, found appear randomly.
B 1 billion 1 quintillion Somewhat rare, mainly exist in verses.
D 1 quintillion 1 vigintillion Mildly rare, first CSEs ever observed were D class
G 1 vigintillion 1 centillion Common, found outside of voids.
W 1 centillion googolplex Rare, first ever CSE (C00001#) was W class.
X googolplex TREE(20) Extremely rare, only found in voids.
OMEGA TREE(20) Ultra rare, only 31 ever observed.
VARTHETA inaccesible cardinal Hyper rare, only 1 was ever observed (HC10251/A37E#)




Lower limit Upper limit Description
AC 254 vigintillion ly 899 octovigintillion ly 97.6% of CSEs land in this category.
BAD 100 billion ly 200 billion ly BAD CSEs are around the size of our universe, the reason for it's name is due to the ability for one to consume our own universe.
GOOD 1 mm 10 m GOOD CSEs are called good, because their damage isn't large and often repaired quickly.
/+A*/ 1 billion ly 1 trillion ly Extention to the A classes.
/*A+/ 1 trillion ly 1 quadrillion ly Extention to the A classes.
T 1 lp 1 ym The 2rd smallest class of CSEs.
TT 1 lp Very few have been observed at this level.
U 0 U class stands for Unconfirmed.
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