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The Containingverse is a verse that somehow switches what it is contained by randomly.


The Containingverse originated in the early cosmos, when The Primordial first appeared. As well as the Primordialverse and Lots of verses (which were its prime creations), it also created the Containingverse to experiment with nested verses.

After the Containingverse's purpose was forgotten, it was still never destroyed by The Primordial. To this day, it is teleporting through verses, and is still causing much debate over its true and intended purpose.


The Containingverse doesn't contain much, and the only objects inside the Containingverse have to constantly change properties to avoid being destroyed by the outside verses.


Many Protoverses have been found inside of the Containingverse. These Protoverses have collided with other point-like objects in the Containingverse, such as Point Stars and Point Planets.

Point Stars

These are stars that always remain points. Somehow, they can still give off light and continue the fusion process, even though they are infinitely small.

The protons that Point Stars fuse are very different from normal protons, and give off 20% less energy when fused. These protons are also the same size as Point Stars, which does not make much sense, due to a Point Star being unable to fuse two particles as big as it.

These stars have been found to collide with the many Protoverses in the Containingverse. Also, no Point Star in the Containingverse have ever gotten destroyed before, possibly due to their infinitely small size.

Point Planets

Point "Planets" also exist inside the Containingverse. These planets aren't made up of normal material, and are instead composed entirely out of Σ particles,  Δ particles, and Α particles. These planets are quite unstable, and can collapse into themselves easily.

"Big Things"

The only objects inside the Containingverse that aren't point-like are strange objects only known as "Big Things". These objects are extremely good at manipulating matter, and change properties extremely fast, at almost one property change per Voidsecond.


The Containingverse has a few interesting properties. They are listed below.

  • to switch what it is contained by
  • to phase through normal matter
  • to manipulate itself extensively

Verses contained by

The Containingverse has been contained by many, many verses before. Many of these verses the Containingverse were contained by are common, but some are exotic and have only been seen once or twice. The chart below will most likely get outdated soon, due to the Containingverse moving into many verses, thus getting contained by them many, many times.

This chart only shows a few verses that have been contained by the Containingverse, due to all verses being too much to list.

Name of verse Total Time it has contained Containingverse Times it has contained Containingverse
Universe 7,829,197 OYC 1,283,283,109 times
Multiverse 8,002,162 OYC 1,782,058,001 times
Archverses 18,892,081 OYC 3,920,302,283 times
Omniverse 1,192,203,182 OYC 729,108,182,637,100 times
The Box OYC times
Every verse in the One Chain 0.016 OYC 2,763 times
Indescribable Unknown, but confirmed by Gerald to be times times