"End-Be-All: This is the biggest, and nothing could possibly surpass it. ADers: There is another." ~ Unknown

The Contradictverse is a small verse located in inter-omniversal space. It was the supposedly the biggest object called a verse, until the higher verses such as The Barrel and The Box were discovered.

Known Structure

The Contradictverse has a very weird structure, with everything inside of it being in an imaginary existence state, making them inaccessible. However, Ascendant Omni-Gods (Gerald, Dunkey Kong, TAC) do have information on this verse, and are the only way creatures can possibly imagine the Contradictverse's structure.

Each Ascendant Omni-God described the Contradictverse's interior differently. This might have to do with the imaginary size, dimension, and shape of the Contradictverse.

Gerald's Description

Gerald described the Contradictverse as a huge complex filled with tall pillars hanging from the ceiling. He also noted how the Contradictverse's size, dimension, and shape were dynamic.

Dunkey Kong's Description

Dunkey Kong's description of the interior of Contradictverse is quite similar to Gerald's, but with slight differences. He described it as a complex with many floating pillars everywhere.


The Contradictverse has many notable properties, almost all of them which cause countless paradoxes to occur. Here are some paradoxes that can happen.

Bigger and Smaller Paradox

The Contradictverse is able to be bigger than the Omniverse yet somehow also being smaller than it. The reason for this is because it has an imaginary size and dimension, meaning that even though it contradicts itself, it can still retain its paradoxical properties.

Existence Rank Paradox

Also, the Contradictverse has a real value for its Existence Rank, which turns out to just be 1, which means it is existing. However, this contradicts its imaginary size and dimension, and also can't be possible since the Contradictverse is outside of the Omniverse, which contains everything with an Existence Rank of 1. Supposedly, the Contradictverse is contained within the Omniverse, but physically, it isn't.

Second Existence Rank Paradox

The Contradictverse, even though it is existence rank 1, contains things that have an imaginary existence rank. Somehow, the Contradictverse can physically contain such a thing.

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