Cosmic Complex

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A cosmic complex is a giant complexity with one half containing ε0 amount of different cosmos and the other half void. Most of the cosmos in here are connected together by Cosmic Tunnels, which allow for traveling between cosmos. If an entity traveled beyond these cosmos and cosmic tunnels, they'd not be linked to a cosmos, which causes the entity to be ripped apart from existence, nonexistence, semi-existence, time, and timelines all at the same time. After this happens, that entity will have no longer existed, not existed, or even between the two in the past, present, or future in all timelines, though there are entities that can bypass the effect.

The Cosmos

These cosmos contain another ε0 amount of Unexistences with the other half being void. Some of the cosmos here are loose outside of the giant web, yet still in the complex. This is because every cosmic complex has a complex barrier. which keeps together loose cosmos and web cosmos together in the complex. Loose cosmos and web cosmos usually collide with each other, which is fine as a cosmos cannot interact with other cosmos in the complex, as the cosmos collide and the colliding parts don't even exist in those cosmos.

The Escapee Bump

For the entities that escape and don't belong in any Cosmos, they will go to a place only known as The Escapee Bump. Every Complex Barrier has a bump that holds a void that's infinite on the inside. This void contains things that escape into the vastness of the complex. All that resides in the Escapee Bump is a gray and white moving checkerboard pattern, and objects that escaped into the complex's void. If you look outside the cosmos into the complex's void, you'll see the complex barrier, which is very vibrant and has a moving stripe circle pattern that comes in full saturation colors, and the circles grow for the 1st half, and they shrink at the 2nd half. The only spot without the vibrant colors is the outside of the Escapee Bump, which has a gray outside.

The Escapee Bump can also contain infinitely sized objects. You may say "That's impossible! The infinite objects would take up all the space!", but you're wrong. The Hilbert's Hotel paradox proves that it can contain infinite objects. The hotel has infinite rooms, and an infinite amount of people that live in 1 room each. Another guest wants to check in, so we still have infinite rooms, so we just move each person to the next room, and then room 1 will be empty, so the guest can check in. That proves that Infinity - 1 = Infinity. Another thing is that if another infinite amount of guests want to check in, we can move each person to the room with the number that's twice the guest's original number, so then all the odd numbered rooms will be empty and there are infinite odd numbers, so there will be room for the extra infinite people. That proves that Infinity - Infinity = Infinity. We can do this process for any other amount of guests, so that proves Infinity - Anything = Infinity. This proves that no matter how many objects escape, the Escapee Bump can contain them all.

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