The Cosmic Cyclone is the second strongest uber-being to ever exist, only beaten by Uber. He is power itsself. He can do almost anything you can possibly and impossible imagine. He lives in the Uber Realm, aswell as the other 4 cyclones. He is the strongest of all cyclones. He was created by Uber. If the cosmic cyclone gets killed, everything starts to disappear, making Uber appear and try to destroy you. If you took half his life away, he turns into Super Cosmic Cyclone, making his power much much much infinitely greater, although his apex power is only like 0.0000000000000001% of Uber's. He flashes, The Box gets erased instantly. He mostly shoots laser with his eye that vaporise anything it touches. Although he cant exit the Uber Realm, he cant also see everything. The Cosmic Eye can only, and that eye informs cosmic cyclone of whats happening. He tells Infinite information instantly, meaning cosmic cyclone knows everything thats happening, happened and will happen.

Right now, he knows am writing this text and you reading it, and he knows your mum's name and the person you imagine in your deepest dreams.


Super Cosmic Cyclone


Cosmic Cyclone

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