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A cosmic dominator is a species of cosmic entities that can adapt to all conditions. It can adapt to hot, cold, gravitational force, and more. They can be found in all verses. They usually don't mind other entities, but some can and will attack. They bend space to create Cosmic Burrows.

There are a few kinds of cosmic dominators. We'll go over them.

Type Info Danger Level
Group Passive These cosmic dominators are very friendly and travel in groups. If they are under attack, they all start running away. Safe
Solo Passive These cosmic dominators are very friendly and like to go on their own. If they are under attack, it will run away. Safe
Group Neutral They travel in groups and are friendly until you attack them, which is when they will all start attacking you and that will be almost guaranteed to be the last thing to happen in your life. Super Dangerous
Solo Neutral They go alone and are friendly, unless you attack in which it will attack back. Their strength is enough to get from an injury to death on a single one. Dangerous
Group Hostile These are the most dangerous ones as if a single one in the group senses you, you are most certainly at your last breaths. These monsters are merciless, so they'll beat you until you show no signs of continued life. Certain Death
Solo Hostile These bad boys are ready to turn your day into your LAST day once they make their way to you. If you find one, be prepared. Very Dangerous