A cosmic king is someone who rules a piece of territory at least the level of the Outside. Some cosmic kings rule over larger territories, are more powerful, or have higher status than others.

Cosmic King System

It is similiar to grooming system that has been used ancient times of humanity. Every cosmic king rules their area and they can put different laws on their own areas.

Responsibilities Of A Cosmic King

  • Not to leave their own areas for nothing. If they leave their own areas for 3 times by no excuse, then The True God bans the cosmic king from managing their areas and gives the area to another cosmic king.
  • To make cosmic army for the cosmic wars. In the war time, they have to join the war to manage their own army.

Levels that has been formed of Cosmic King System

  • Many Cosmic King areas = Cosmic Country
  • Many Cosmic Countries = Cosmic Continent
  • Many Cosmic Continents = Cosmic World

All of the cosmic world hasn't been formed or discovered yet

There is still only one cosmic continent known as existing. But they are planing to explore more area and name it The Cosmic Discovery Revolution.

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