Cosmic Savior

Holding the universe by kevron2001-d84glm9.jpg

Cosmic Savior is an essence who protects the Multiverse and is the creator of FireWater. He had no opponents until the Entity was created.


The Cosmic Savior had the power of the Multiverse passed down by the Multiversal Dominator. It is not known what the Cosmic Savior did before he was passed this power, or if he existed after this at all.

The Entity was formed after a specific universe was formed, and he was not very pleased with what he was doing to his universe. He then decided to create FireWater to slow his corruption.


The Cosmic Savior has been attempting to destroy the Entity, but is not able to do anything alone, and forgot FireWater. He is not able to do much now, so he has directly attempted to redeem himself, by spending time to build the courage to earn back what he was passed down.

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