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Cosmolines are a way of grouping verses/CEs/other objects into different canons on the wiki. They almost always have a hierarchy or even multiple in them, and usually contain countless CEs and other miscellaneous objects/verses. They or anything that is apart of them cannot affect anything that is apart of another Cosmoline. This is true unless the object that is attempted to be affected is part of both Cosmolines, in which only the version that is apart of the Cosmoline that also holds the thing trying to affect the object.

Cosmolines also cannot be traveled between by any object/entity in any way, shape, or form. Certain Cosmolines can be ruled over by different Transcendent Omni-Gods and other TOGs may not affect those Cosmolines without the permission of the rulers. The exception for this is if TOC is the thing in question being affected.

There is not only one Cosmoline, and Cosmolines are not the biggest. Cosmolines transcend size anyways, but the largest objects' size in each Cosmoline can vary wildly. There can exist objects that are not part of Cosmolines, but they may just be concepts in the wiki that are free to use in all Cosmolines.

Official Cosmoline

This is most likely one of the biggest cosmolines to be within the wiki, and contains a plethora of hierarchies which are The Pre-Hierarchy, The Official Hierarchy, The Extended Hierarchy, The Post-Hierarchy, and The Official Cosmic Entity Hierarchy. This is a total of 5 hierarchies in a single Cosmoline, which makes The Official Cosmoline nearly the biggest cosmoline known, only currently beaten by The Generic Cosmoline, which was made as a joke.

There is no one ruler of TOC, and is a giant collab basically. It used to be The Complete Hierarchy, but that was deleted and recreated as The Official Hierarchy. It then split apart into TOH and TEH, with TEH being 7th-class and above, including the Finality Chain.

The Generic Cosmoline

TGC is a cosmoline comprised of 6 hierarchies (only beats TOC by 1 hierarchy) and all 6 can be found in Ice's user page. It started off as a single hierarchy, but soon it split off into an entire cosmoline to prevent it lagging while trying to load an entire 61-class hierarchy. The lengths of each class vary WILDLY, but it amounts to a total of 61 classes, beating TOC's total of 20 classes reserved for verses/particles by more than twice the classes.

It was made as a joke, and is not meant to be taken seriously. Most of the verses in TGC do not exist as pageverses on the wiki. It is ruled over by ICantEdit and some other people.

Best's Cosmoline

Best's Cosmoline is a cosmoline that was made by BestNoobReborn and was made to be a short separate hierarchy created entirely by BestNoobReborn. The original separate pages could be told between the ones in TOC by if the title of the page was blue. If it was, it was most likely part of Best's Cosmoline. Pages in Best's Cosmoline would also have "Best's Cosmoline - " before the name of the verse. I'll decide to make this Cosmoline into a single page.