The Couchverse contains 200 Chairverses since it is 200x the size of the Chairverse.


Creation of the Couchverse

The Couchverse was created when The Chair God decided that he needed a couch, so he made a couch. A giant couch. A couchverse. He thought about putting 200 chairverses in it because its 1000 miles big. He did it. And that was how the Couchverse was created. It was created 10 days after the creation of the Chairverse.

Other Information

The Chair God had a friend named The Couch God, so he thought that this would impress him. Now The Chair God and The Couch God can sit on this Couchverse together! Couch God helped in the making of the Couchverse, since he thought the same thing as The Chair God when The Chair God when he made the Chairverse. Except with chairs instead of couches.

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