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The Countingverse is infinitely sized, and it contains the Coolverse.

The Countingverse can count, and it does count, with many different sections and operations to count celestial objects.


The Countingverse contains the Coolverse in the middle, and it is supported by the gravity of the outside parts.

The outside parts are mostly purple, giving it the purple look on the outside, but the outside also has its gravity, which keeps both the sections and the Coolverse stable.


The Countingverse is made of an infinite number of sections, which are divided randomly. Each section has a different amount of celestial bodies in it. There is one section that has one body, one that has two, one that has three, and so on. Every countable number has a section, including 839,129,198 and

The outside of the Countingverse, the border, represents omega. Every countable number has a section, and the border contains omega celestial bodies.

The section with only one celestial body in it

The "Counting" Property

This verse, with its many sections, actually has the ability to count. The sections are not necessarily next to each other. Instead, they are arranged in a way where any time you use operations on a number, the result will be in the same place in relation to the number you changed every time. This is possible because the Countingverse is infinitely dimensional.

For example, if you start at the first section and add one, you would go to the second section. However, the third section is at the same distance from 2 and 2 is from 1. You could add one by learning the direction and distance you need to go, and you can add one to 492,382,283,039 by going the same distance and direction.

This doesn't only work with +1 though. Any operation or set of operations would work. There is a direction and distance for +2, +3, -1, x5, /3, x2 -1, and anything. If the number would be a decimal number or negative number, it would just lead outside of the Countingverse.


The Border represents omega, and has omega celestial bodies, but it has a different structure to the rest of the sections. The Border is actually made of gas, unlike the sections which are made of void, which allows the Border to actually contains omega objects.