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A Coververse is a parasite-like verse which covers a verse and slowly starts absorbing the verse's contents.

Coververses are usually white, blue, green, or purple-colored, although they can sometimes have a color in the infrared spectrum.

Coververses will randomly travel through space and if they come across anything, they will begin enveloping it. After the Coververse has fully covered the thing, they will start pulling apart and absorbing the thing, soon consuming it entirely. After this process is done, they will start traveling in a random direction until they hit another thing to consume.

Rarely, Coververses have merged with the object that they are consuming, making everything inside the Coververse go into the object and also making the object slightly bigger.

Coververses have covered Anchorverses before, rendering them stuck due to how Anchorverses cannot move.

If a Coververse somehow gets larger than its containing body, it will violently burst open its container and cover the remaining pieces of it.

Every time the Coververse gets 1.1x bigger, it will move 1.005x faster and absorb verses 1.05x quicker. For reference, this means that every time it gets 2x bigger, it moves aprox. 1.037x faster and absorbs aprox. 1.426x faster.

Coververses are named based on their diameter, color, and how many verses they have covered and absorbed (e.g. 134LY-W-7 would be a white-colored Coververse 134 LY wide which has absorbed 7 verses).

Coververses have been responsible for the creation of many different verses, such as the Bounceverse, Smudgeverse, and Hardverse.


The first Coververse was formed due to a Cosmic Zaaaaaaaap in 216 OYC. Traces of Coververses have been found inside the first Coververse's remains which are scattered around the Objectsverse, making many creatures believe that the original Coververse lasted for a long time as future Coververses came over 492 OYC after the first Coververse's creation.