Its a verse that contains cranberries.

That is really the best way to describe this. Every living thing is a cranberry. Every nonliving thing is a cranberry. Logic in this place and everything that defines it is completely wired around cranberries. This doesn't really make much sense, which is why omniversal scientists were really interested in this verse.

Notable Cranberry Planets


This planet is very strange because it is completely made of frozen cranberry. The temperature of this verse is pretty hot, so frozen cranberry in this verse is extremely rare. The reason this planet is very cold is because of the positioning of this planet in relation to Cranbrots. Cranbrots are cranberry areas that give off heat scattered around the universe, and this planet is inside a void of Cranbrots.



This is the largest planet in the Cranberryverse. The reason it is so large is because some planets are slightly melted, making them squishy and uninhabitable. Adding some of this melted cranberry to this type of planet will make it larger. The reason Enzodac is so large is that one of these planets collided with another. Since it was done by a collision, this planet is not spherical and is more of a spheroid.



There are a few rare planets that contain cranberry rock, but this one is the most populated. Cranberry rock is only formed when cranberry iron meets the core of a planet. If this happens, all of the cranberry on shoots out of the gravity to be replaced by rock. This is called a Crawqe.


Inside a Living Being in this universe

The brain of someone in this verse is usually spherical and just one cranberry, but still uses neurons in the same way as a human brain, just made out of cranberry.

Since everything is cranberry, all a living being needs to live is... more cranberries.

Cranberry power actually makes living things more logical than most other juices ever. Living things in the Cranberryverse are very logical.

Ontario Highway 400verse

The really weird thing about this verse is that it contains the Ontario Highway 400verse. The problem with this is that it is very fast and metal, and used to bounce and move all around the Cranberryverse, sometimes destroying planets.

Eventually, this problem was solved with Cranberry magnets. This kept the Ontario Highway 400verse in place. Now the Ontario Highway 400verse is mostly used for containing random other verses.

Cranberry cups?

Sometimes a lot of cranberry can lead to losing control. The Cranberryverse is actually contained by multiple verses, like the Cranberrycupverse and the Cranberrysaucerverse. These help hold the cranberry.

These verses don't really do much by themselves, but they definitely help with bringing cranberry cups and more. The Cranberryverse probably wouldn't exist without their help.

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