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History 3

The Cuhabsoverseverse is an anomaly in existence. It somehow is able to have multiple histories at once, and all of them be accurate. The main theory is that the Cuhabsoverseverse used to be a normal verse until it got deleted twice, and then in an attempt to revive itself, came up with so many excuses that it broke and infinitely started making new histories for itself.


The Cuhabsoverseverse was a great nation. It existed for at least 5 years before THE BIG DUCK invaded it.

THE BIG DUCK killed everyone inside the great nation. Great


and then the great nation stopped existing

what am i doing

Better History

The Cuhabsoverseverse was a supercomputer designed to recreate the page Cuhabsoverseverse in an actually good way. It didn't work.

The Cuhabsoverseverse computer was made out of many Preprimordium Particles somehow, but nobody knows how they got there.

Eventually the computer's development was given up on, and it instead became a gaming computer that was surprisingly good at running Tetris.