Cursed verse


The Cursed verse (known most commonly as the Ashtal-a'ab), is the verse where Gáráo, B'ubuxoxu and Wäguhádug are located in. The shape of this verse is a tetrahedron.

Rules of the Ashtal-a'ab:

  1. Any matter which is created, must be destroyed.
  2. Any matter which is destroyed, must be created.
  3. If rule 2 applies, information of said matter must be corrupted.
  4. Information of large sizes must be compressed, via random deletion.
  5. The 4th dimension isn't a straight line, but an infinite Lévy flight.
  6. Any information which touches the Ashtal-a'ab boundary, must be insantly teleported to another point on the boundary.
  7. Each time a particle reaches the velocity limit, the limit gets lowered and the particle gets destroyed.
  8. All motion is Brownian motion, no exceptions.
  9. The Ashtal-a'ab has gravity itself.
    These rules allow the creation of Poogols, particles switching existence a googol times a second
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