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The Cyan Ring is the 9th Ring in the Ring series. It follows the Brown Ring. The Cyan Ring ranks a Cyan on the Kardashev scale (although 17.3% of the time, it ranks an Aquamarine due to it's instability.) It is currently under the control of the Cyan Ring Institution.

The Cyan Ring tastes and smells like toothpaste. On 5.6% of tastes/sniffs, it will taste and smell of blue cheese.

The Cyan Ring has it's own Guardian, who is extremely violent. To keep the Guardian satisfied, the Cyan Ring Institution must sacrifice 1 trillion people from every one of the previous rings (including the Cyan Ring itself) on a daily basis to him. Due to how large the Rings are, despite having high populations, this is very difficulty to do, and the Guardian is displeased around 70% of the time The Guardian of the Cyan Ring is known for frequently leaving his domain to terrorize the inhabitants of other Rings.

The Cyan Ring is the 4th of the unstable rings, following two rings of stability. Approximately every 0.23 years, 60 to 120 Pink Rings will be ejected (120 to 240 in the outer sections). If the Guardian of the Cyan Ring is satisfied, that number will drop to 50 to 100 (100 to 200 in the outer sections). If the Guardian is angry, however, the numbers will increase to 180 to 360 (480 to 960 in the outer sections). It is important to keep the Guardian happy in order to minimize unnecessary deaths.

For an unknown reason, the Cyan Ring does not eject the Brown Ring. Researchers are still looking into this. The cause of ring instability is still unknown. While the White Ring is likely to be stable, and the Grey Ring is like to be somewhat unstable (similarly to the Orange Ring), the following rings are likely to be even more unstable then the Cyan Ring.

The Cyan Ring has a countless amount of mountains on its surface. It is unknown what is at the top of these mountains, as it is virtually impossible to scale theme. Near the bottom of the mountain are trees and rocks that infinitely regenerate when they are destroyed, providing a great amount of resources. This is very similar to the trees that grow on the surface of the Pink Ring. However, the Cyan Ring's resources for a 8.26% chance of regenerating as a completely different material when mined/cut down, due, again, to the Ring's instability.

The Cyan Ring is the only pre-Grey Ring ring that is a part of the Federation of Rings.

Note: Do not attempt to change the Cyan Ring into a square. Your head will morph into a pyramid.

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