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Why is the cyoob called the cyoob?

God is illiterate. This is exactly why the tessoract exists.

What is behind the cyoob in the image?

The tessoract's glow.

What's in the center of the cyoob?

The cyoob coar, Again, god is stupid.

What happens if the cyoob coar is destroyed?

The cyoob explodes.

What keeps the cyoob coar from being destroyed?

The cyoob coar protectors, which there are 3 of.

Who are the cyoob coar protectors?

  1. Cyooboid
  2. Cyeeboid
  3. Cuuboid

Stuff about the cyoob coar protectors

They all sit there 24/7 and protect the cyoob coar. They are also kind of OP so the cyoob coar is hard to destroy, and the cyoob coar itself has enough defenses anyway with defenses over 200,000,000x the size of Beeg Cluster

How old is the cyoob?

Do you expect me to know?

The Cyoob coar

The Cyoob coar is well, The Cuaniiyouoityuionverse. It is protected by the Cyoob coar protectors, Cyooboid, Cyeeboid and Cuuboid. If the Cuaniiyouoityuionverse aka Cyoob coar gets destroyed all life in the verse will be destroyed. Also the Cyoob will explode probably flinging / destroying the Tessoract.