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Dískosverse is a verse that contains only one galaxy, which is extremely big. Milky Way and IC 1011 are absolutely nothing compared to this one galaxy, which has a diameter of 121.98 billion ly.

Inside the galaxy, 32.8% of the stars are located in Clusters, 41.3% are multiple stars, and the ramaining 25.9% are solitary stars.

In the center of the universe (or the galaxy), there is a alphamassive black hole. It has 2.312 Quintillion Solar Masses.


In 2276, a German astronomer called Cayman Doßen discovered a universe in the UCZ (Universe Concentration Zone) using his telescope in the terraformed Pluto saw a universe that looked like a "cyan marble with a blue disc". Later, he called the universe 'Marmorversum'

In 2315, SBATLPU (Some Big Antennas To Localize Parallel Universes) used 65 antennas (41 in Earth, 15 in Mars, 6 in Pluto and 3 in Sedna) to picture the Marmorversum. When SBATLPU pictured the universe, the disc was a entire galaxy, and to cosmologists of the year 2315, the universe had a diameter of 125 ± 21.5 billion ly.