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Defiled Universe is a huge, arching structure that envelops and contains The Other Room. It is a barren, overheated hellscape full of high-magnitude Sproyongs. These Sproyongs have needlessly bounced against the repulsive field encompassing Defiled Universe and preventing them from leaving. This does not destroy them, but still causes their cataclysmic effects, leading to the “defiled” state of this Verse.

In fact, an extremely rare Magnitute 6 Sproyong resides within Defiled Universe. This Sproyong lies dormant at the centre of the ring of Sproyongs at the centre of Defiled Universe. It has never been activated, however if it was it would probably be powerful enough to damage The Other Room even through it’s clever Thread-reinforced barrier.

All attempts to gain a picture of Defiled Universe from within have failed horrendously, with Sproyongs destroying everything again and again. And if the Sproyongs don’t get it, the heat most certainly will.

However, we do have some knowledge of what it’s like inside.

What It’s Like Inside

Defiled Universe is constantly scorching, with planets erupting into flame regularly. There is a ring of Sproyongs at the centre of Defiled Universe, each ready to be flung out at any second. All Sproyongs return here after bouncing off the repulsive field, to be launched out again.

Almost all planets are entirely solid, with no signs of flora or fauna on them. There is only sand, huge rocks, caves, and crags. Seas of lava on Defiled Universe planets are not uncommon.

However, there are some Gas Giants in Defiled Universe. These are usually very large and hot. They normally will appear red in color. not Very special.

There are many stars and solar systems in Defiled Universe, however the majority of planets are actually rogue. The stars here are endothermic, letting the planets around them cool to a temperature in which flora can grow. Miraculously, these flora have developed to resist the toxicity of the Sproyongs. This is a big part of why scientists all across reality want to access Defiled Universe, to find out these plants’ secrets and develop anti-Sproyong barriers for their Verses.

Defiled Universe is also one of the most unstable Verses in existence. Sometimes, massive rips in existence will occur with no reason. The ENTIRE VERSE has been destroyed at random for seemingly no reason on several occasions, leaving only a black spot and Sproyongs. However, these Sproyongs continue to bounce against the still-existent repulsive field, “defiling“ the new Defiled Universe again. This cycle endlessly repeats. However, The Other Room, contained by Defiled Universe, is able to not be destroyed due to an extremely powerful barrier encompassing it.

Shape & Appearance

Defiled Universe is in the shape of a massive arch with, in the centre, The Other Room dangling from a rogue Thread which is integral to The Other Room’s barrier, as it does not allow any unauthorized changes to The Other Room’s Essence. From the outside, the arch appears to have red fractal patterns, caused by Sproyongs constantly infecting the Universe over and over. Many huge purple cracks can also be seen in the arch at almost all times. This is because Defiled Universe is incredibly unstable and the part that represents it’s existence on every Thread is constantly being torn. There is also constantly, huge, red and purple, flashing explosions.

The reason there are 2 "Glitch Spaces" that both contain the Defiled Universe is because 2 of them collided, having the Defiled Infinities inside one of the Glitch Spaces glitching out of reality and landing in the other Glitch Space.