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DeltaTech is a huge manufacturer/company dedicated to providing civilizations of all kinds with superstructures, artificial verses, high-tech machines, and many more important things. It has been a pioneer in projects involving Primordium Delta, one of the strongest and most potent substances ever. It has been run by The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi ever since its creation.

"If no one can do it, we can." ~ DeltaTech Motto

DeltaTech has a long-lasting rivalry with Amethyst Industries, another manufacturer of high-tech products.

Products (only a few)

DeltaTech has huge varieties of different products. They include superstructures, artificial verses, high-tech machines, and much more. Here are several products that DeltaTech has created.

Star Harvesters

DeltaTech was the first company to successfully create a star harvester which could harvest up to 100,000 stars or more. The star harvester models that were made exclusively by DeltaTech are Model A62, the model of most of star harvesters in the Energyverse, the Model Y-184, the model of the star harvester in The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi, and the Model F-563, one of the most efficient star harvesters of the current OYC, that is being used in The Far and many other verses.

Instant Travel Ships

The Instant Travel Ships, otherwise known as the Wormhole Ships, are an old invention of DeltaTech, being invented in -203 OYC. DeltaTech's oldest Instant Travel Ships used extremely clunky and inefficient wormhole generators to travel places. This design was soon replaced with what DeltaTech Instant Travel Ships use now, a huge set of different existence states that you can set and change. That will allow instant travel across infinite distances across the entire Cosmos. DeltaTech's Instant Travel Ships are mostly used outside of The Box; however they are still used in The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi sometimes.

Glitchonicite Blasters

DeltaTech has also made weapons for war before. One of them is the Glitchonicite Blaster, created in 678 OYC. It was a powerful cannon meant to be attached onto warships. These blasters could severely damage enemy craft due to Glitchonicite's corruptive abilities.

The only downside to this is that the blasters can take a long time to reload, and requires lots of energy to operate properly. The Glitchonicite Blasters have long been unused, and now are just showcased at DeltaTech's headquarters in our local Box.

The Infinite Cookie

Yes, DeltaTech did create this. Basically, The Infinite Cookie is a cookie, that if bitten, the part that was bitten off will magically regenerate. The way DeltaTech did this was put specially engineered parts of a Class & star from the Energyverse inside The Infinite Cookie, so if the cookie has been bitten, the Class & star pieces will create cookie matter to fill the bitten part back. Only a few of these cookies were created, and they were also extremely expensive as well, since these cookies required a long time to create.

Class & stars produce matter, not energy. Read the Energyverse article for more info.

The Mathematics Spreader

Yes, DeltaTech created this too. There are two modes to operate this spreader: voluntary and involuntary. In the voluntary case, the user need to enter one of five orifices to press a star shaped button using his/her forehead and left/right temples three times each. He/she will gain an insane amount of mathematics almost instantly. In the involuntary case, the operator will need to come to the vicinity of the test subject and notify him/her before turning the device on; and the test subject need to whine or scream vehemently to defend against the spreader. If his/her whining is not strong enough, he/she will end up receiving some amount of mathematics.


DeltaTech is based in Hjioas, Box-H92 (our local Box). The headquarters is a huge cube that floats around Hijoas, a huge planet that is home to many companies. The picture shows the headquarters in its lockdown

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 1.18.30 PM.png


If the headquarters is on lockdown, it will have a barrier around itself, and will be lowered straight into the depths of Hijoas. The DeltaTech headquarters also has the ability to self-destruct, although that ability has long since been forgotten, since it is quite useless, due to the astronomically low chance of the DeltaTech headquarters of being attacked.