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The Detokroanawakaisinghaverse is a huge verse which holds the title of being the emptiest and most hated verse in all of the Omniverse, even outmatching each and every one of the Verseverses. It has been destroyed multiple times but every time it came back.


The Detokroanawakaisinghaverse has possibly the most empty structure ever, having less than a Planck Length of matter for each cubic LY.

Reasons why this verse is so hated

There are a bunch of reasons why the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse is the most hated verse in the Omniverse. The reasons include:

  • having its dimensionality and size be a salad number
  • randomly appearing again after it had been destroyed 2 times
  • being a huge waste of space

Why this verse is called the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse

The Detokroanawakaisinghaverse was first named by an ancient race of god-like beings way before anyone could remember. "Deto", in the ancient beings' language, means "bad". "Kroana" means "stupid", "waka" means "foolish", and "isingha" means "gargantuan". Due to this, "Detokroanawakaisinghaverse" translates to "bad stupid foolish gargantuanverse".

All occasions in which it has been destroyed

The first time

One day, The Creator was strolling through the Omniverse when he found something which caught their eye. It was the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse, and they went to check it out. When The Creator stepped inside the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse, they immediately started have a mental breakdown due to just how bad and empty the verse was. Even though The Creator wasn't supposed to destroy things, they did anyways and used their full power to obliterate the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse.

The second time

1 OYC after The Creator destroyed the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse, the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse appeared again in a different spot in the Omniverse. This time, it was harder to destroy for some reason. The Creator was very confused, and promptly destroyed the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse again.

The third time

After 0.13 OYC, the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse appeared once more. The Creator found it very easily, but this time, since they knew about how the Detokroanawakaisinghaverse will always appear after it is destroyed, just pressed it against the side of the Omniverse, flattening it, and they folded it together, making it smaller. The Detokroanawakaisinghaverse still exists, but is noticeably smaller now.

There is an even more hated verse called the Opusquakalupuninlaskoshedbekseuqorueverse.