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The Diamondverse is a moderately large verse contained by our Multiverse. It is unique in that there is an absurd amount of carbon everywhere in space, with high pressure and temperature constantly being exerted on it, turning it into large, solid diamonds that aimlessly float around space until they begin to orbit a planet, becoming essentially a moon.

This Verse is highly valued due to its ability to produce and reproduce infinite diamonds, making it a great source of material and wealth as well as money. However, it is completely impossible for humans to go to the Diamondverse.


Many stars are dotted around the Diamondverse, usually with ~4 or 5 planets orbiting them, usually quite closely. When the diamonds are created, they are caught up in this orbit, and begin to orbit one of the planets that they are closest to. They become the planet’s moon.

There is also a huge nebula in the centre of the verse, theorized to possibly be the origin of the mass amounts of carbon floating around.

Types of Planets


The terrestrial planets here are very hot, this verse just has high temperature, and so have become deserted wastelands, with rolling dunes made of dried-up dirt. Surprisingly, life can emerge here. Earth-like flora has been spotted growing near the occasional oasises on these planets, and large creatures comparable to a woolly mammoth but much more skeletal-looking roam them.

Alternatively, if they orbit an endothermic Star, they will become frozen-over, with these dunes being replaced by mounds of ice and snow. Here, no life can thrive.

These planets can have 6 - 8 diamonds orbiting them.


Huge balls of gas, releasing even more temperature that causes the diamonds of this verse to be created even faster. Not much else can be said. Typical gases to make up these planets are Hydrogen, Helium, and surprisingly, Argon. These only very rarely have a diamond orbiting them.


Gigantic seas in the form of spheres, housing many strange aquatic creatures yet to be researched. These have a thin layer of glass-like solid material around them to keep the water from spilling out. These usually have 2 - 3 diamonds orbiting them, albeit very far away, which means these diamonds can smash into other planets.

Types of Stars

Regular Stars

These are your average balls of Fire burning through nuclear fusion of Hydrogen and Helium and releasing heat to the planets that orbit them. They are usually around the same size as stars from our Universe. Near these stars, carbon is heated up and pressurized yet faster, leading to more diamonds being produced.

Endothermic Stars

Similar to the stars of the Defiled Universe, these release burning cold to planets around them, freezing them. Less diamonds can generate around these stars, and some carbon is outright frozen into other solids if it gets too close.

Other Structures

Diamondverse Nebula

The Diamondverse Nebula is a large, blue nebula at the centre of the Diamondverse. It is a gigantic collection of carbon and dust, leading to the theory that it is what is spilling carbon everywhere into space. It was caused by an endothermic Star going supernova long ago.