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Note: It is strongly recommended to read the page on Dieverse before reading this one. On another note, when talking about objects like DV-2s or DV-5s, a "2" is added in front of them when they are in a Diceverse, such as "2DV-5".

The Diceverse is a pair of Dieverse that have come together, with its own properties which seperate DVs lack. Diceverses, like Dieverses, are usually found hovering above The Grand Table.

When two Diceverses come within a certain proximity of each other, the DV5s (6-sided red die in the center of them) will roll. If they roll the same number, they will join together into a Diceverse. The 21 universes surrounding each Dieverse will also come together, for a total of 42 universes surrounding the Diceverse. A Diceverse does have unique properties. If the two DV-5s do not roll the same number, the two Dieverses will repel each other and float elsewhere.

In a Diceverse, the Dieverses are not actually joined together. They are bonded together by a very small golden die (2DV-6). It is, with the exception of very special circumstances, indestructable. It provides a large amount of power to the Diceverse, but it must undergo heavy maintenance in order to ensure it does not malfunction. If the 2DV-6 does malfunction, the Diceverse will begin to spin at a rapid rate. The 2DV-6 will then disintegrate, causing the two Dieverses to seperate.

There seems to be new kinds of 2DV-3s, in addition to the ones that would be found on a single Dieverse. These new 2DV-3s are usually much stronger, and require more DV-2s to easily take out.

In the event of a catastrophic event due to failure to please the 2DV-5, both of the 2DV-5s will roll, with the number it rolls determining the severity of an event. The roll will be a number from 2 to 12. A roll of 2 to 7 will only affect the Diceverse, with a seven being a definite Verse-ending event. A roll of 8 to 12, though, is especially bad, as it will begin to actually effect other Verses. When such a high roll happens. A roll of 12 is enough to wipe out an entire Multiverse. Because of this, it is even more important to ensure that the 2DV-5s in the Diceverse are pleased. It should also be noted that if a catastrophic event happens, no matter the severity, the 2DV-6 WILL disintegrate, and the Diceverse will seperate into 2 different Dieverses. Again, this only happens if the Diceverse does not get destroyed by the catastrophic event.

In a Diceverse, the DV-5s must be cared for and fed on a tri-hourly basis.. However, each of the DV-5s are twice as demanding as they would be in a single Dieverse. On many Diceverses, a team of specially chosen 2DV-2s exists to ensure that a catastrophic event does not happen.

It has recently been discovered by researchers that the minds of the 2DV-5s, which have been found to be sentient, telepathically connect when a Diceverse is formed. The 2DV-5s can teleport 2DV-2s between the two Dieverses. This has been found to be a very useful method of transportation for 2DV-2s. However, lower 2DV-2s can still not enter higher 2DV-1s, so the teleportation method's usefulness is dependent on the class of the 2DV-2 that uses it.

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