The Dieverse is a 6-sided Verse with unique properties. It contains the Universe and can be contained by a Diceverse. While not contained by it, the Dieverse are usually found hovering above the surface on The Grand Table. However, they occasionally wander into space.

The Dieverse, as mentioned before, has a total of 6 sides (DV-1-X, with X being the side's number), with die-beings (DV-2-X, with X being the side the DV-2 was born in) living on each one. The amount of dots on each side represents the state and well-being of that side. The lower the number, the worse of it is. For example, the side of the Dieverse with a single dot is virtually a wasteland, with die-monsters (DV-3) roaming around and killing the DV-2s. In contrast, DV-1-6 is a flourishing city. DV-2s from higher DV-1s can enter lower DV-1s, but not vice versa. The Dieverse technically doesn't CONTAIN Universes, but has 21 universes orbiting it.

The white surface of the Dieverse is impossible to break. While this means the Dieverse can be very resilient, it also means everything must be built above ground, which makes things like underground electrical lines impossible.

There is only one known way of even accessing the underground in the Dieverse. Each of the craters (dots, DV-4) contain small holes in them, but large enough for a DV-2 (and, in unfortunate incidents, a DV-3) to enter. When entering these tunnels, DV-2 only have to walk approximately 134.41 meters (441 ft) to be warped to the opposite end of them. This leads to the center of the Dieverse, which is a hollowed out space containing a floating red, 6-sided die (DV-5). DV-5 must be cared for and fed by the DV-2s on an bi-hourly basis. If the DV-2s fail to meet this requirement, DV-5 will roll. If DV-5 rolls a 4 or higher, each DV-1 of the Dieverse will experience a somewhat severe thunderstorm. However, if the DV-5 rolls a 3 or lower, a catastrophic event will take place.

When the catastrophic event is due to take place, DV-5 will roll again. This second roll will determine the severity of the catastrophic event. A roll of 1 will lead to deaths of a few hundred thousands, with a roll of 6 leading to a near Verse-ending event, wiping out approximately 99.99999999999982% of life in the Dieverse. While the last catastrophic event was long enough ago that nobody in the Dieverse is alive to remember it anymore, there is evidence that a catastrophic event with a severity of 6 occurred as recently as 25 thousand years ago. At this point, the DV-2 civilization has recovered from previously mentioned event.

The final property of the Dieverse is the ability to join with other Dieverses. When two DVs come within a certain distance of each other, the DV-5s inside both of them will sense each other and roll. If both DV-5s roll the same number, the DVs will join together to create a Diceverse. If they roll a different number, the two DVs will repel each other and move in opposite directions.

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