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A Digiverse is a digitally guided Universe created by the company of the same name. It uses technology that takes advantage of the higher Eisler values of certain Multiverses. The technology will work if the Eisler value is greater than or equal to 7.



The controller is basically the brain of the Digiverse. It receives information from the server and translates that into actions in the digiverse. These include rule updates and the creation of entities and objects. No entities within the digiverse should have access to the controller or the server.


The stockpiles contain all matter used in the creation of entities and objects, these cannot be created due to the conservation of matter so the materials have to come from somewhere.


The body is the most important part of a verse and is where interactions between objects and entities occur.


The server is not actually located in the digiverse and acts like a web server in the fact that it has an IP and hostname. It receives instruction from the client's computer and sends them to the controller.



Main article: StoryScan

If you want a Digiverse to follow a particular set of events, you can use StoryScan to scan through images, text, or video and the StoryScan AI will automatically follow along with the story.