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The Diplomniverse used to contain all possible arrangements and structures of the Omniverse. However, over time, verses moved around, formed different groups of verses, and living entities appear to have had some impact too. Every 1 trillion years, the diplomniverse is reduced to containing only 10% of the structures and arrangements (excluding duplicates), because of identical omniverses (takes up around 95% of the loss) and destroyed omniverses (takes up around 5% of the loss). Some of the omniverses are fragments, meaning that they aren't a full omniverse, but they are the "top" of an Archverse hireachy.

Noteworthy locations

The Core: This region by far has the most mass crammed in one spot (1 googolplex times a normal Omniverse). However, it also only contains 1 googol omniverses due to the energy pulling omniverses together and combining them. Also, it also has the biggest Outside around it to prevent the chaotic nature from getting out, with a Outside taking up 0.01% of the Diplomniverse. It also has a big Outside, because destroyed omniverses are common here, making the Outside "expand".

Due to the high about of Uranium and Plontonium available, nukes are cheaper. As a result, more nukes are typically used when nukes are needed in the Core, meaning that this part of the Diplomniverse has more fallout on planets (and some parts of the Diplomniverse) than any other part.

Materials common at the Core:

More stable regions here are rich in Radium, element numbers 90-103 (especially Uranium), Oxygen, Plutonium and Fluorine. Less stable regions don't have many elements other than Nitrogen, Helium, and Hydrogen.

The Edge: This region by far has the least duplicated omniverses, because the lack of energy preserves the omniverses. Destroyed omniverses are somewhat common, but this is mostly because of collisions with other Diplomniverses.

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