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Dissectors are cosmic entities that scavenge for food in the vast verses, voids, and structures of the First and Second Realm.

They usually consume dead entities for food, although they can also eat live creatures as well. However, Dissectors will create new verses with the matter they have consumed.


The first Dissector was discovered in 13 OYC in a small verse in Isolation. The Dissector was found eating the corpse of a creature, and was immediately attacked by the civilization inside the verse. The Dissector escaped, and did not harm any living creature.

After about 56 OYC, the body of a Dissector was found in the Nested Reality. After extensive analysis, the body was determined to be the same Dissector that first appeared in Isolation.

Many more Dissectors have been found throughout the cosmos, and in all cases, Dissectors (except for the first one) have acted hostile if touched or injured.


Dissectors can eat just about anything, and do not really care if it is organic or artificial. However, Dissectors have shown to prefer organic material.

They have also been seen to engage in combat sometimes, when they feel threatened. When they are attacked, they will usually swarm the enemy in huge groups.

Dissectors, when in groups, seem to have a hive mind of sorts. That has made them extremely deadly when provoked, so many precautions are taken when getting close to a Dissector.

Created Verses

Dissectors have created many different types of verses, and all of them have not been seen in the First Realm before. All of these verses resemble normal verses, such as a Universe, Megaverse, or Omniverse, but with slight tweaks, such as different laws, dimensions, shape, temperature, or some other slightly different property.

Here are a few verses that Dissectors have created.


These verses are the most common verses that Dissectors will create. Uinverses have nothing inside of them, except for maybe a few fake stars and black holes. Uinverses are also the smallest verses a Dissector will create.


Mluitverses are the second most common type of Dissector-created verse, and contain basically nothing. Mluitverses can technically be classified and called as voids since they don't contain anything, but Dissectors have called these verses Mluitverses for unknown reasons.


These verses resemble Omniverses, except they have different verses inside of them, which are mainly Uinverses and Mluitverses. These verses strangely cannot host life at all, and all life that entered an Onmiverse died almost instantly. However, all gods, no matter how weak, can safely survive here.

Still, Dissectors will forcefully push out any entity that can survive in this verse.


Whites are probably the strangest verses that Dissectors have created. They do not resemble any verse found in the known cosmos, and might have come from extremely strange places such as The Cosmic Eye or the Glitch Core.

These verses are extremely unpredictable, and can shrink/grow in size randomly. Also, it is unknown what are inside Whites, since if you get close to them, they will repel you away with extreme force. All attempts to get inside Whites have failed.