Dodecahedron of CHAIR

Dodecahedron.svg (1).png

The dodecahedron of CHAIR is a dodecahedron-shaped cosmological object that is made out of iron. It is ruled by a chair.

The dodecahedron of CHAIR takes a transfinite number of OYC years to make one full rotation.

The Structure

The dodecahedron of CHAIR is solid on the outside but liquid on the inside. There is liquid iron inside the dodecahedron of CHAIR.

In the middle, there is a tiny core which contains a bunch of verses such as the Meatoidverse. It has gravity, which is why the liquid iron tends to rush toward the core.


This verse has life because it has some planets in the liquid. These are rare.

The planets formed because of the birth of this verse. When it first existed, it was completely solid, but then it turned into liquid due to heating and pressure. Some of these planets are just the right temperature to have life.

The Chair

The Chair is the thing that rules this entire verse. It is only a meter tall, but it can control the entire dodecahedron. It uses an ability called chairing to destroy anything that comes in contact with it instantly. The dodecahedron is very fragile.

While the chair is not alive, it is very smart, and you could technically have a conversation with it if you used signals as responses. No one knows what the origin of the chair is, but it exists, it is very smart as is very unusual.

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