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What is the Doubleverse?

The doubleverse is the creation of when 2 Universes get within 100 billion lightyears of another universe. The bond take 2 OYC to generate and get to 1000°C. If one tries to go from one universe to the other, they will get stopped at the 50 billion lightyear mark. They will need a kardashev scale of 5 or higher to pass the wall. If one with a kardashev scale of 4 or lower tries to get past more than 3 times, they will get teleported to the bar and melt.


Kardashev's border

This border stops you if you have a kardashev scale of 4 or less. It has a sign that says "You need a kardashev level 5 or more to pass." If you try more than 3 times and fail, you will get teleported to the bar and get melted. There is a bright shield that traps you outside the universe or go back in that lasts 1 OYC. The image below shows Kardashev's border. Clicking the image will let you see the sign.

Namer's border

This border stops you if you go out far enough that Kardashev's border will have no effect. It will stop you and trap you for OYC. There is a sign that says the same thing as Kardashev's border. If you try to touch it with anything human or animal, you will have to endure a 100 decibel alarm for 10 seconds. The borders look the same.


The alarm plays a sweeping tone every second from 40 hertz to 1000 hertz to make your ears hurt. It is to alert to border defenders to send you the big block. You have to stay there of 2 ODs (≈4 months.) The big block is a cube that uses border material in it's 25 trillion light year thick walls. One atom of border material an resist the weight of 1000 solar masses in the size of an atom so good luck getting out.

Block escape attempts

Incident No. 192
Name(s): Karka
Time (Since -3 OYC ago): 0.354 OYC
Description: Used primordial quarks as a tip with the weight of the 5 galaxies in her bag to get deep in but sent the alarm off but no one was seen.

Incident No. 493
Name(s): Benla, Avery
Time (Since -3 OYC ago): 1.368 OYC
Description: Used a kind of replacement spell to replace the border material with Omega Porcelain and went through with Benly's pencil. They wre found and got all graphite objects removed.

Incident No. 765
Name(s): Henry
Time (Since -3 OYC ago): 2.124 OYC
Description: used the power of their 16 galaxies against the border but failed and only got through 1.54 centimetres of border. The alarm went off and they got fully stripped of any tools.