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The Dredmlanverse is a verse suspended in the middle of the Absoverse, where majority of life is contained.

It hangs in the air, balanced between the Blaychamaverse and Puiettabverse due to their immense gravitational forces.

The verse itself, acts as a barrier, a shield from the oncoming attackers. When the Blaychamaverse rings its mighty hits, the strength it gives to the Dredmlanverse enpowers it, it enables its barriers and barricades.

Once the Puiettabverse starts to roll, it saves and conserves everything within it. The surface starts to emit a strong white, glare on its surface. This is the signal that shows everyone what is about to unravel, to get prepared for oncoming events.

The barrier is comprised out of complex technology, mechanics and algorithms that only contain meaning to the divine. To the omniscient and quasi-omniscient, to those who built and those who heavily studied it.