E? is a high-dimensional verse entity with three different zones. Each zone is has different laws of physics, but they are all part of the same verse. These zones, however, are just voids.


There is a thin outline around the three zones of E?. These outlines are made of a substance called abstract material, which is the most "null" solid possible, with no feeling, temperature, and no "real material", being basically THE material.

The outline has no movement in relation to the voids because it is abstract material, so the void shapes never change. Abstract material cannot physically topologically change.

The outline, however, does not block anything from entering or exiting E?, since abstract material doesn't have physical interactions, it only interacts with "holes", because holes don't exist, and rely on other objects to be "holes".

Objects in this abstract material do not stop the abstract material from being abstract material. The abstract material will not physically contain the object since it doesn't interact with real matter, since it is abstract.

Void properties

While these voids are completely nothing, they still have an existence of their own even though they contain nonexistence. This means, as a noun, they are not physical but they aren't nonphysical, as they are somewhere in between. These voids, since they have nothing, are in theory ontologically parasitic, but since they are contained by abstract material, they still might not even depend on those entities' existence.


There are three void zones in between this abstract material, each having their own laws of physics. While they are voids and have different physics laws, they are completely separated from outside reality, since the abstract material is preventing that, and these zones are contained.

Zone 1


Zone 2

Zone 3

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