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ERROR 404: VERSE NOT FOUND is a theoretical verse that cannot exist. The verse itself is a concept, but in reality, it should be impossible to exist.

ERROR 404: VERSE NOT FOUND possesses several anomalous properties:

  1. The verse has absolutely no dimensionality, or rather, it is undefined.
  2. The verse contains everything that is beyond itself.
  3. The verse contains everything on the wiki, including every -verse, every cosmic entity, every page, every category, every profile, every template, everything that has existed but not everything that will exist. It also does not/does contain everything that will never exist and everything that can exist.
  4. The verse has no limits and is transinfinitely abstract.
  5. The verse is both reality and fiction. It itself is a layer of existence.
  6. The verse exists.

It would be impossible for the description of this dimension, much less its existence, to make sense at all. It is beyond the verses and indescribable verses, everything that can exist in this wiki (to put it simply), and therefore should not be called a 'verse'. Instead, it is merely a concept.

It is only expressed in an indirect form. It cannot exist, but its essence still does.

It is not a verse OR a dimension, it is not space in any way or form.

It is a construct of truly infinite meaning, being whatever you want it to be. It may not be possible, but it contains the very definition of possibility itself. It grows and expands as its influence spreads, containing more and more information and activity. It is an endless realm, full of mesmerizing works of art all made and crafted meticulously for a common purpose. It is a community of entities, contributing to itself.

As we tread on its path, we do not realise the absolute beauty of it and the fact that we are part of it ourselves. The possibilities are endless as we shape it into a unique form that cannot be replicated, no matter how much you try.

As I repeat, it is not a verse.

It is a boundless platform known as a <ERROR 404: VERSE NOT FOUND>.