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The Easyverse is a very strange infinite verse where everything is easy. There is nothing challenging, frustrating, or even annoying in this verse.

The problem is, that means life would seem to be pretty boring. That is what was thought for a while, since difficulty loss kind of ruins the learning and the fact that everything is easy means you don't do anything new, meaning you can just do whatever you want.

However, this isn't actually the case, since everything being easy allows you to have fun whenever you want, and you can also make something difficult, which is also very easy.

The average life expectancy for someone is 200 years, but that depends on the planet. Still, traveling from planet to planet is easy too.


  • The most difficult thing to do in this verse is live forever.
  • Since this verse is infinite, it doesn't have an end. This could mean you couldn't escape it, but it is also very easy to escape due to the nature of this verse.
  • The only thing not possible to do in this verse is to permanently change something to difficult to do.
  • Anyone in this verse can actually escape anything, like The Box, since it is easy.


The area around this verse is dusty, making it easy to make it through. Besides this border, the verse is actually very empty, making it easy to make it through. Above is an accurate representation of this verse as if it were viewed from a cross section.

Changing the structure of this verse to make it more difficult to traverse is... also very easy. The Coolverse has actually invented something to make it even easier.

Planet Types

There are only two types of planets: Terrestrial and Ice planets. There are no gas giants since they are hard to step on, but it is easy to create one and easy to make it so that you can stand on it.

Terrestrial Planets

These types of planets are the most common planets in this verse. They contain every material they have on the surface and nearly nothing underground, making it easy to gather materials. These planets normally orbit smaller stars, but it is easy to make it so that it can orbit larger stars.

Ice Planets

These types are simply made of ice. It is easy to melt them and it is easy to freeze them. These types normally orbit much further away from the star, but it is easy to put them closer, and easy to find one that is closer because some of the ice is colder, making it harder to melt. However, it is easy to make them meltable.