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This is the ecosystems, and its where things live in. You can add your own creatures, cells, viruses etc...


Name: Eza

Mass: 0.7 Earth

Moon: Bunto

Moon Mass: 2.5 moons


Somebody needs to draw a timeline :(

First Lifeforms

The first lifeforms were blue bacteria (AKA. Suny Morta) that filtered particles into energy. They floated around the sea, consumeing any bits the could find. Covering the oceans with bacteria. But thousands of years later, they split into new species: Sunny Ark, Sun Ora and kelta Meta, i will explain these bacteria now.

Sunny Ark: Cyan colored bacteria that learned to turn Oxygen into energy. They live on underwater rocks not too far away from the surface.

Sun Ora: Dark blue colored Bacteria that live on the ocean surface, they live together and form the shape of a plate so they can get nutrients. They can strech out, or contract.

Kelta Meta: Green colored cells. These bacteria now turned into cells. And because the Kelta Meta swallowed sunny ark, now it has alot more energy to work with. Oh, and they live in groups.

Multicellular Organisms

The first multicellular organisms began 3 million years later... They would spread around the globe, and colonise it. The first ever multicellular organism was Dexa Taru, they had filter feeder mouths and a small body. Dexa Taruses would lay their eggs in the ocean floor, migrate to warmer climates and eat bacteria/cells. 3 million years later again and more creatures arise.

Oxa Megatur: A hunter that is 5 times bigger then Dexa Taru. Oxa Megaturs had 3 fins, better eyes, and a very long body. And they hunt in groups.

Wonka Rta: A long, eel like leach that sucks blood from creatures that then injects its eggs into the wound. And the leaches might give a virus to the hoast.

Sento Cero: A jellyfish like creature that eats anything it can find. These Sento Ceros live where there is no light. And Sento Ceros have long, gripy legs to move along slipery rocks.

Exo Stento: A smaller version of Sento Cero that have long tentacles to grasp prey. And they live in cold, shallow waters.

Dest Plastoid: A plant that streches from the ocean floor to the surface. And when it reaches the surface of the ocean, it will form a clump of eggs and it will burst if it gets big enough.

Arua Cae: A huge landmass of plants that float around the sea. Creatures could even climb up it. This could be how creatures climb up on land...

Jer Spung: A huge sponge that lures prey with its smell, that then shoots a tiny harpoon that has venom.

Exo Rero: A fish that is fast, smart, small and friendly. They hide in Jer Spungs and lay their eggs in dead creatures. They also borrow in sand, Jer Spungs, and dirt.

Creatures on Land

After Millions of years, these creatures have gotten on Arua Caes, and now, a new door will open for them... But land is dangerous and dry, so creatures might evolve tougher skin, and alot more...