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It's a verse filled with civilizations called "Egg-Creatures". Let's call the amount of dimensions in each Egg-Space "d", since Egg-Space exists in every dimension, much like the TREEVERSE. Every Egg-Space contains a lower dimensional Egg-Space at one of the edges (excluding 1-Egg-Space, only containing the civilization) and is contained by a higher dimensional Egg-Space. There are (

) Egg-Creatures on each Egg-Planet and (

) Egg-Planets in each Egg-Space. We'll get to more info on Egg-Creatures in a bit. Each Egg-Space is called "d-Egg-Space", replacing the "d" with our value d.


An image of an Egg-Coin in a white background.

Egg-Creatures are life within Egg-Space and they form civilizations. They use a currency called Egg-Coins, as shown above. The name of the verse actually comes from these coins! Egg-Coins are golden coins in the shape of an egg to represent the "Egg" part of "Egg-Space", and there is also a Tic-Tac-Toe grid in the center to represent the "Space" part of "Egg-Space", and that's how this verse got it's name. These Egg-Creatures are also very intelligent. The gold is actually one of the materials found exclusively in Egg-Space. All civilizations in Egg-Space also believe this very thing: there is another civilization beyond their own. They also eat mainly plants, as they find getting meat too brutal to animals.

They also resemble dwarf-like birds that have human-like arms and come in all different colors. They develop webbed feet as they age, as they swim across bodies of water to get places. They ALSO develop horns as they age, used for digging. The horns aren't sharp, though.

They can also see in the dark (glowing green eyes while active) and breathe fire.


Yolk Gold

Yolk Gold is a metal that is shiny and yellow and is also the material that Egg-Coins are made of.


Eggium is a material that is used for the civilizations' technology. Not much else to say.


Hatchon is a metal that is used in other things.


Hypereggium is the indestructible material that separates Egg-Spaces of different dimensions from interacting with eachother.


Egg-Fog is an indigo-colored gas at room temperature that is usually found at gas giants.


Glow-Iron is a glowing material used in lighting objects and the only exclusive material to not be named after a part of an egg.

Other Info

The axis expansion goes like left and right for 1D, up and down for 2D, back and forth for 3D, and so on. Each d-Egg-Space is at the end of going the 2nd new direction in this expansion of the d+1st dimension.

Egg-Creatures have found lower dimensional Egg-Spaces, but failed to interact with the lower dimensional Egg-Space due to the Hypereggium separating the two Egg-Spaces from interacting with eachother.

There is the word "EGG" on each face of every Egg-Space, only visible from outside that Egg-Space.

Every Egg-Space is the shape of a d-hypercube.

Each Egg-Planet is


meters big.

With the calculation of Egg-Creature population per Egg-Space, there are already 256,000,000 Egg-Creatures in 2-Egg-Space. Insane, huh? AND there is

Egg-Creatures in 3-Egg-Space.



All the planets here are technically terrestrial because they have natural life, and there are 10 planets in each solar system, and they're orbit is also binded to the star.

Terrestrial Planets

Terrestrial planets here mostly focus on natural life, like Egg-Trees, Egg-Grass, Egg-Plants, and other Egg-Organisms.

Gaseous Planets

Gaseous planets here have islands and also have Egg-Fog. There is also a glowing Yolk Gold core in the center, which the Egg-Fog and islands are binded to. The islands can range from just 5 meters above the Egg-Fog to 10 meters from the core. There is still life on these islands, like Egg-Plants and of course, Egg-Creatures.

Rock Planets

These planets have an abundance of rock and ores, yet still life.

Hszzs Dsyraaoyr

Hszzs Dsyraaoyr is a very special planet that orbits around the Core Star of 3-Egg-Space. It's name translates to "Gamma Satellite". Hszzs Dsyraaoyr doesn't really belong to any normal Egg-Space planet class, as it's class is a fusion of Gaseous and Rock planet classes. It has a bunch of rock, and occasional shallow lakes and lumps of obsidian. It's quite cold at the surface, but in the caves, it can have lakes of a molten alloy of Yolk Gold and Hatchon. It has a bunch of Egg-Fog on the ground at the surface. Most lakes on Hszzs Dsyraaoyr are quite shallow, however there are some lakes deep enough to have lots of life. These deep lakes are illuminated by Glow-Iron on walls. The idea of Hszzs Dsyraaoyr was influenced by the Thegatus page. Hszzs Dsyraaoyr's life will be listed below:


Horn-Heads are 8-legged large omnivorous animals on Hszzs Dsyraaoyr that use they're very sharp horn to attack it's predators and prey. They also dig dens where they have a nest and a dining area. They lay eggs in the nest and the young Horn-Heads' horns aren't sharp, however the horns sharpen as they age.

Glow Chomper

Glow Chompers are tall plants on Hszzs Dsyraaoyr that have a structure much like a Venus Flytrap except it's dark purple and has a blue glow, attracting it's prey, which the Glow Chomper then uses it's tall stem to wrap around it's prey's neck and choke it until it's dead and then the Glow Chomper eats the prey for the nutrients needed to live on. Glow Chomper seedlings do not need to eat their prey to grow or live on in their early life.

There are many other forms of life on Hszzs Dsyraaoyr, these are just two examples!


These stars are in the middle of each solar system and there are different types.

Power Stars

These stars have Dyson Spheres around them used to harness their power, If there is a power star in a solar system here, a civilization in that solar system can be a type-2.

Fuel Stars

These stars contain very useful fuels that are harnessed by the civilizations.

Basic Stars

These stars have nothing special about them.

Core Star

A core star here is a special star that doesn't belong to any solar system, but holds the entire d-Egg-Space up and is protected by Hypereggium. Since higher dimensional beings can do things lower dimensional ones can't, a higher dimensional Egg-Creature could straight get past the Hypereggium coating and destroy the lower dimensional Core Star, but nope, there's also Hypereggium separating the Egg-Spaces from even interacting.


Time Event
-159 OYC ∞-Egg-Space in the local Metaeggbox is created, containing only Interversal Plastic, gas, and rock.
-2 OYC 1-Egg-Space is created, and all other Egg-Spaces have their stars, planets, and life.
1 OYC ∞-Egg-Space gets it's 1st Egg-Creature.
13 OYC Egg-Creatures start advancing in technology.
29 OYC The Egg-Space in the local Cetaverse becomes what it is currently known as.
37 OYC Highly erotic and rouge Egg-men raid some of the highest level egg-spaces before the sane ones notice, and do very considerable damage, but the natives fend off the rogue protectors
Present Nothing major has happened in-between 37 OYC and this day, and will probably never happen until 17923 OYC. However, it's theorized that at 15068 OYC, they'll be raided again.
The Future These points have not been yet reached, nor will they be in a long time. These things aren't guaranteed to happen in Egg-Space history, but are predictions.
15068 OYC They are raided by a meta-boxial civilization, somehow getting past the security of the Metaeggbox. They somehow get past the Hypereggium barriers, abusing lower dimensional Egg-Civilization's weakness of higher dimensional things to cause havoc. However, the Egg-God of that Egg-Space got rid of the raiders, and repaired the Hypereggium barriers.
17923 OYC Egg-Spaces will begin to deteriorate back into their old forms (Interversal Plastic, rock, and gas).
23698 OYC Rock and gas will begin to break down.
2389103 OYC Well over a Googolplex OYC later, the last Chaos Fabric in Egg-Space will decompose, leaving only a sea of Blueprint Particles.
10010 OYC This is it. At a Giggol OYC after the discovery of the Second Realm, the Blueprint Particles will start bonding together again, forming new things, and eventually a new verse, all from 1 verse.
10100+10010 OYC The start of a new era. A new verse. This time officially marks the end of the Egg-Space timeline as a whole. Anything beyond this point of the Egg-Space timeline won't be about Egg-Space anymore, but instead a new verse.


Egg-Creatures have their special language called Eggnogan. Only meta-meta-boxial entities other than the Egg-Creatures themselves can know how to speak Eggnogan (Bongus, Chunky Cheese, their Egg-God, etc). The phrase "Hello, Jake, how are you?" would become "Wöy, Jake, leeyä yï pärö?". That's only a sample phrase. There is more to the Eggnogan language than that, although it still has less than English. Egg-Creatures may also attempt to learn new languages to communicate with foreign entities they find friendly.

Unlike English, which uses suffixes to represent past and present verbs, Eggnogan uses prefixes. These prefixes are "äcrä" (present) and "lärä" (past). For example, "[insert English verb here]-ing" would become "äcrä-[insert Eggnogan verb here]".

For representing opposites in Eggnogan, there is this prefix/word "ërä", an Eggnogan word that can be used as a prefix, for representing the opposite of something, or a word, for representing the English word "no". If you're wondering about yes, you would say "ërä-ërä", with the 1st ërä being the prefix version, and the 2nd being the "no" version, thus being the opposite of "no" and meaning "yes".

The Egg-Men in the Metaeggbox are trying to learn the Eggnogan language to communicate with Egg-Creatures.

Eggnogan Key

  • Hello/Hi = Wöy
  • How = Leeyä
  • Are/Is = Yï
  • You = Pärö
  • -ing/Present = Äcrä
  • -ed/Past = Lärä
  • -est = Töpö
  • Great = Ömë
  • Verse = Mök
  • God = Mägö
  • (Opposite Prefix)/No = ëra
  • Yes = ëra-ëra


An Egg-God is a creature that rules over Egg-Space and is the weakest entity that can do stuff with Hypereggium. They know all that has happened, can happen, and will happen to Egg-Space.