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Eggzilla, otherwise known as The Egglord or Gigayolk, is the Creator of the Eggverse and Argoth. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent. Eggzilla is a powerful extradimensional entity with early evidence of an earthly presence, dating back to 7000 BCE in ancient Eggville.


Eggzilla was materialized by Avius, the Great Chicken. However, his essence has always existed. He is the creator of eggs in the Eggverse. The eggs that are in other universes do not have origins native to the universes they are spotted in. This is known as an egg phenomenon, some of the most ancient civilizations of mankind worshiped Eggzilla because they couldn't explain the mysterious appearances of these eggs. All eggs naturally stem from the Eggverse. In other words, all eggs are aliens. In modern times, eggs are viewed as a normal, every-day aspect of our world. In Argoth, he is accompanied by a great host of harbingers.


The position of "Egglord" was created when the first Galactic Eggpire was established. The Egglord is the cosmic emperor of the eggpire and the leader of all eggs. An egglord can be voted out of this position by the High Council of Argoth, which is a council of Eggzilla's most trusted harbingers. Eggzilla is the original and current egglord. While he won't always remain in this particular position, he will always be a god and will therefore always have complete control over the Eggverse.


His eldest child is the powerful demigod Humpty Dumpty Jr. and his youngest child is the slightly less powerful but still important demigod Humphrey. Eggzilla himself is the offspring of Avius, the Great Chicken.


  • While Eggzilla's material form exists in the Eggverse, his essence/spirit exists in Argoth, a higher dominion of his. Argoth is only called that by mortal beings. It's called something else in the notorious interdimensional langauge Eggish, but the language isn't comprehensible by mortal beings so we will never know what they call it. It's been theorized that 'arg' in Argoth is etymologically related to the word 'egg'. Argoth is one of many heavens out there.
  • The Eggverse is the dominion/universe Eggzilla watches over from his palace in Argoth. Everything is shaped like eggs in this universe. Every being in the Eggverse is an anthropomorphic egg and that is the form Eggzilla takes whenever he spends time in this universe.

Signs of his Physical Presence

  1. Musical Sign - You'll be aware of Eggzilla's presence whenever you hear the song 'Scatman' play on any given occasion.
  2. Food Sign - You'll be aware of Eggzilla's presence if eggs show up in weird locations, like under your bed or in a sewer drain, you name it. If an egg shows up in such places, Eggzilla is nearby.
  3. Joke Signs - You'll be aware of Eggzilla's presence if someone makes an egg joke. Examples: 'eggcellent', 'eggsplain', 'eggshausted', etc.
  4. Hunger Signs - You'll be aware of Eggzilla's presence if you ever crave eggs.

Pictures of Eggzilla

Gigayolk in the eggverse.png

Eggzilla aka gigayolk.png