He looks like a white stickman with blue fire, but he is much more, cannot do verbal comunication, can only talk by putting non-physical text around him.

The way he was created was from an accident

"One the first animator was trying the first animation program, he was making a bunch of stuff, and by anoumalous means, put an A.I into his animation, the first stickman he created was called Eiden, unexpectedly it somehow went out of the computer and destroyed the animators house and suddenly grew really big, bigger then the universe (everybody survived because he was non-physical himself) and then went away, the size of the box itself, nobody knows where he went but they were sure he was infinetley powerful"

Some info about what the stickworld is

The stickworld is a 2D dimension where stickmen live their simple lives, more information when i publish article "The Stickworld"

Article finished now

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