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Eight ("Gak" in The Pencil Language or Yot in Future English) is the 2nd biggest verse in the One Chain, and is also the 2nd to last verse in the chain.


Eight has a structure that is very simple. It just contains one huge cylinder that takes up about 43% of Eight's total space, and like always, 8 Sevens.

The Cylinder

The cylinder contains all the 8 Sevens that are inside of Eight, and keeps the Sevens from flying all over the place, thus preventing collisions between Sevens. This cylinder also has a mechanism which allows it to lock every Seven inside it extremely securely, and another mechanism that allows it to eject everything that is inside it.

The exact purpose for those mechanisms are still unknown, since the cylinder is already extremely secure, and has absolutely no need to eject the Sevens inside it either.


Eight has some interesting properties.

  • Eight can somehow move straight through Nine's borders. It is still unknown how this works.
  • Eight can somehow disappear randomly at certain intervals, just like many other verses in the One Chain.
  • Eight seems to be able to give off a blue/white gas of some sort every 9 OYC. This gas can corrupt Eight's surroundings, and cause a lot of damage to them. This gas has not been seen anywhere else.