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Electrocosmos has tons and tons of megaelectrons and megaphotons and many Rainbowcosmos in the core, allowing for lot more electromagnetic radiation. Since light is electromagnetic radiation, this also makes the Electrocosmos bright.

There is a blackbody inside the Electrocosmos' core called the Darkcosmos that rotates once every 10 planck times. Light would change so fast that to a normal human, it would just blend in and look "kinda bright".

The rotation of the Darkcosmos has a purpose; it allows the Electrocosmos to work as a "camera". Light is released at infinite speeds (the megaelectrons/megaphotons allow for this) at lots of different wavelengths, reflects off an object, and then returns an image to the Glasscosmos, a "lens" within the core. Right after light is released, the blackbody rotates to face the end at which light was let out to. This prevents light radiating out from the Core while the light goes into the lens, which could potentially ruin the image. This data is then converted in the core and transferred throughout the Wirecosmos in order to record videos of sections of The Box. Other light frequencies other than the ones in the visible spectrum are used as well while taking images, allowing for x-ray views, gamma ray views, etc.

As the Electrocosmos can only take photos of certain parts of the Box, tons of copies of it exist. These take up the Cube System, a system of recording data about The Box.

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