"Aw man, not again, it's a black hole!" - Big Pages
Elgroas is one of the most powerful voids, because it is only 0.00001% matter, and the 'matter' is just letters. Fill in the void by expanding the article.

Elgroas is a material that has a chemical formula of (NH5)3H6DPb3C14N9O12Ca90Kt6Oh2S. It is one of the rarest gemstones in the universe and the rarest Myonic Quartz. The color of this gemstone differs depending on the isotopes of each Kroastechium atom. The rarest form of this gemstone is Lopthyeitolithic Red Elgroas, which is easily recognizable by its characteristic dark color and considerable lack of luster, giving it a ghostly appearance without a clear form or outline.

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