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The Elon Musks are a highly intelligent race of humans that live in the 'thingy' and beyond. Some creatures in the 'thingy' believe that the Elon Musk on our Earth is actually a descendant of the Elon Musks in the 'thingy'. That is very unlikely, and this theory has been discarded by many creatures and the Elon Musks themselves.

Elon Musks tend to be very terrible creatures who seek out -verses damaged or degraded by natural phenomena or malicious interference (sometimes from older Elon Musks) and exploit the unfortunate circumstances of the entities within by giving them a chance to escape these terrible -verses if and only if they sign their souls away to become valued and trusted employees of shady businesses. The Elon Musks can then manipulate these creatures into transforming aspects of their original -verse into products highly valued by inhabitants of the 'thingy'. Because actually caring for the entities they have control over is just too much work apparently, many Elon Musks decide to make their conditions intentionally horrible so they never get a chance to leave. What else are they gonna do? Go back to their piddly little shit Boxes? Yeah, didn't think so.

One might assume that the horrible Elon Musks who do these terrible things are widely despised by inhabitants of the 'thingy', but for some fucking reason people are utterly obsessed with them and revere them as legendary hyper-intelligent godlike creatures for just about no reason at all. Brilliant. This is suspected to be because Elon Musks have some sort of Reality Distortion Ability which they can project onto nearby entities, allowing them to sway almost anyone near them into totally forgetting about all the horrible, horrible things they're doing to less fortunate entities. While many people agree it sure would be great if someone told these awful Elons to kindly bugger off, nobody is quite keen to take any immediate action, primarily because the closest thing anti-Elon Musks have to an organised opposition is about three people screaming incoherently about how they want to conduct an Elon Musk genocide and eat the remains or something.


Height: usually 100 ft, but size can vary

Weight: average is 10000, but sizes can vary. The lightest full-grown Elon Musk was only 8934 pounds, and the heaviest full-grown Elon was 14749 pounds.

Dimensionality: 4-D

Knowledge: High, one had its IQ tested and it was found out to have a whopping 1382 on the IQ test!

Average life expectancy: 1029 years, but again, that can vary. One Elon died only when it was 59, and another Elon Musk lived almost 2000 years once!

Goals: Explore T.H.I.N.G.S., not yet, and stuff beyond!

Power: freaking high, one time in a battle, a Elon Musk commander used a weapon made completely out of MacBookchargerium and completely obliterated the enemy Ska Robots. The Elons suffered few casualties.