The Emergiverse is the mysterious universe that brought the Frizzilians into existence, the Emergiverse comes into existence with a violent explosion of various types of unidentifiable energy. Coming into contact with this energy causes many effects. One of the more well known effects has been named: "Total Consciousness Decimation". This effect completely erases the consciousness from the current reality the victim resides in, and sends it to a non existent realm, such as The Voidance or The White Plane. When the consciousness is gone, all that is left is an empty body of the victim. When omnipotent beings come into contact with the energy, their consciousness isn't completely destroyed. Some of it will be removed, rendering the being in either a vegetative state or a loss of memories will render them less powerful. After the multiverse war with the Frizzilians, the universe has not appeared ever since. There have been rare occurrences of voices telepathically speaking to whoever is near the Emergiverse. Sometimes, what they speak would sound nothing like any language that anyone has ever been aware of. On other occasions, the language would become understandable, and would say things like: "The downfall of The Box is nigh" or "You will pay for what you have done to me".

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