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The End of Chain is a verse that, as the name says, is the end of the Möbiverse hyperchain. Although it is the end of this chain, it is the beginning of the next one, and is the building block of the verses to come.

The End Of Chain was thought to be inescapable for a very long time, and so has a lot of information on it, more than other pages.


The End of Chain is similar to The Box as it contains itself and all objects in the Möbiverse hyperchain, although it hasn't been completely explored and so it could contain all Class 2 objects. The End of Chain is much, much, much larger than the Trefoil Barrier, and originally was thought that it wasn't a verse, and just an infinite space. This ended when The End of Chain was found inside itself, and was confirmed to be a verse.

Known Objects Contained within the End of Chain

This next part of the page is a list of all known objects contained within the End of Chain. It is split into 4 main sections:

  1. Verses in the Möbiverse hyperchain
  2. Other objects in the Möbiverse hyperchain
  3. Verses not in the Mobiverse hyperchain
  4. Other objects

Objects are ordered by size.

Part 1: Verses in the Möbiverse Hyperchain


Main page: Möbiverse

The smallest verse in the hyperchain. This verse is shaped like a Möbius strip, and it has the interesting property of containing large amounts of other Möbiverses, except for the smallest ones, which are made of moquarks.



Main page: Kleinverse

Kleinverses are a kind of verse shaped like a Klein bottle that is formed when two Möbiverses collide near a foruhole. This makes the verse expand to a size easily larger than even the largest Möbiverses, and even folds into a fourth spatial dimension.



Main page: Toriverse

The Toriverse is a torus-shaped verse, being the first of many that's shaped like that. In the middle of every Toriverse is a forustar giant, and the surface of Toriverses are made of moquarks.



Main page: Hencentroverse

The Hencentroverse is a sphere-shaped verse that contains many forustar giants, some of which have Toriverses.


The Torus Chain

Main page: The Torus Chain

This is the first chain in the Möbiverse hyperchain. All of these versed are shaped like tori. Here are the first few verses in the chain:


Main page: Tworusverse

The first verse in the Torus Chain. It has similar properties to a Toriverse, and it contains Möbistars.



The light from Möbistars makes this verse act like a prism.


High temperatures make this verse make light much more high energy, allowing for many gamma ray bursts.


This verse is sometimes unstable due to being hit by gamma rays.



Main page: Torukuverse

This verse is shaped like a crosscap and contains all objects in the Torus Chain. It's surface is also made of Torus Chain verses.



Main page: Toruchain

This verse is shaped like 2 interlocked tori. Both tori are different colors, and one is always a primary color and the other torus is always a secondary color. (Each torus is called a hemitori).


The Toruku Chain

Main page: The Toruku Chain

This chain has all of it's members shaped like crosscaps, and here are some of the names of said members:

  • Onerukuverse
  • Tworukuverse
  • Trirukuverse
  • Quadrukuverse
  • Quinrukuverse



Main page: Metatoriverse

This verse is the first verse in the Möbiverse hyperchain that actually contains itself, like The Box. It is also shaped like a torus, with it's surface being made of extreme amounts of Möbiverses.



Main page: Torubarrier

This verse (and barrier) is shaped like a sphere, and contains exactly 1 metatoriverse. The only known way to get past a Torubarrier is using a certain wormhole.


The Metahyperchain

Main page: The Metahyperchain

This is the only hyperchain in the (larger) Möbiverse hyperchain. They all glow blue, and here is a list of some members in it, as well as some extra data on the Metamöbiverse:


Main page: Metamöbiverse

This verse is very similar to Möbiverses, although the smallest Metamöbiverses contain Torubarriers, not moquarks. This verse glows blue due to vibrating torubarriers.


Other members

  • Metakleinverse
  • Metaonerusverse
  • Metahencentroverse
  • Metatworusverse
  • Metatrirusverse
  • ...
  • Metatorukuverse
  • Metatoruchain
  • Metaonerukuverse
  • Metatworukuverse
  • Metatrirukuverse
  • ...
  • Metametatoriverse
  • Metatorubarrier
  • Metametamöbiverse
  • Metametakleinverse
  • Metametaonerusverse
  • ...
  • Metametatorukuverse
  • Metametatoruchain
  • Metametaonerusverse
  • Metametametatoriverse
  • Metametatorubarrier
  • Metametametamöbiverse
  • ...
  • Metametametatorukuverse
  • Metametametatoruchain
  • ...
  • Metametametametatoriverse
  • ...
  • Metametametametatorukuverse
  • ...
  • Metametametametametatoriverse
  • ...
  • Metametametametametametatoriverse
  • ...
  • ...

Knot Chain

Main page: Knot Chain

The last chain in the Möbiverse hyperchain, and all of these are shaped like mathematical knots.


Main page: Trefoilverse

This verse is shaped like a trefoil knot, and moves at extremely fast speeds (near the speed of light).



Main page: Figure-Eightverse

This verse is shaped like a figure-eight knot, and they are all very close together. All Figure-Eightverses are the same size.



Main page: Cinquiverse

This verse is shaped like a cinquefoil knot, and inside it are moquarks tesselated in a hypercube pattern.



Shaped like a knot.


Shaped like a knot.


The Trefoil Barrier

Main page: The Trefoil Barrier

The final verse in the Möbiverse hyperchain before the End of Chain. It is shaped like a trefoil knot, contains all objects in the Knot Chain, and it's edge is made out of the surface of Hencentroverses.

The Trefoil Barrier

The End Of Chain

Main page: End Of Chain

The only reason this is here is because the End Of Chain actually contains itself.

Part 2: Other objects in the Möbiverse Hyperchain


Main page: Moquark

This is the building block of all verses in the Möbiverse hyperchain. It is shaped like a square and is usually generated by forustar giant decay.



Main page: Forustar

These stars are inside Toriverses, except for forustar giants. Forustars are created from many Möbiverses and Kleinverses colliding and creating light.


Other kinds of forustars

Forustar Giants

Found in the middle of Toriverses and decay Moquarks. Formation unknown.

Forustar Giant

These form similar to black holes, although forming from different forces.



Happens when forustar giants collide, creating a structure with many normal forustars and moquarks.


The main source of light in The Torus Chain. It is made from fusing moquarks.

Supergiant Möbistars

Formed from Torus Chain verses colliding. Mobistar.png


Torubarrier Wormhole

The only known way to get past a Torubarrier.

Hencentroverse Surface

Also known as empty Hencentroverses or Hencentrosurfaces. This verse is the surface of a Hencentroverse without anything in it.

Hencentroverse Surface

Part 3: Other Verses in the End Of Chain

This is the beginning of Part 3, which has other verses in the End Of Chain. Actually, most of these don't end in -verse, but are still classified as such.


This is a cube-shaped verse that is relatively small. It contains 22 other Superboxes in it and has a 'shell' around it.



A superbox that did not completely form. It's made out of normal superboxes.



A verse shaped like an extremely large square, and is formed out of moquarks.


Polygon Chain

A chain that has objects shaped like regular polygons (pentagons and higher). All objects are named as 'The large (shape name)'.

  • The Large Pentagon
The Large Pentagon
  • The Large Hexagon
  • The Large Heptagon
  • The Large Octagon
  • The Large Nonagon
  • The Large Decagon
  • ...

The size of these aproaches on Kardashev, but it always has 2 dimensions.

Polygram Hyperchain

A chain coming after the Polygon Chain, has star polygons in it. Here are the first few elements, and the hyperchain approaches in Kardashev (still staying at 2 in dimensionality).

Layer One

  • The Large Pentagram
  • The Large Hexagram
  • The Large Small Heptagram
  • The Large 8/2-gon
  • The Large 9/2-gon
  • The Large 10/2-gon
  • ...

Layer Two

  • The Large Great Heptagram
  • The Large 8/3-gon
  • The Large 9/3-gon
  • The Large 10/3-gon
  • ...

Layer Three

  • The Large 9/4-gon
  • The Large 10/4-gon
  • ...

Layer Four

  • ...
  • ...


A verse that contains all polygon-shaped verses (that are 2D).



A verse that has hyperbolic space inside it, allowing for some kinds of objects to form and tesselate.


Part 4: Other Objects

This is the final part to this list, having other known objects that do not really fall into the definition of 'verse'. Here is a list of known objects:

Superbox Shell

The shell of a superbox. Happens very rarely.

Superbox Shell

Ancient Scripts

A script indistinguishable from nonsense and constructed from moquarks. Has 3 main 'paragraphs', with the second being smaller than the third.

Ancient Script

Remnants Of Civilization

These objects are very rare and found floating in space, suggesting that a different civilization was here before us. They contained many Ancient Scripts, but were looted and stored for safekeeping when found, and so the image here is only an artist's rendition of what it might've looked like.

Remnants Of Civilization

Pentagonal Moquark

A moquark shaped like a pentagon. However, these cannot tesselate in normal space and have to do it inside hyperbolicverses.

Pentagonal Moquark

Manifold Star

A manifold star is formed inside hyperbolicverses from many colliding pentagonal moquarks.

Manifold Star


A torus-shaped object. Found in hyperbolicverses.


Structures In the End of Chain / The Center of the End of Chain

Look at this image of the End of Chain:

The End Of Chain.png

This image only the center of it, in which the very center contains another End Of Chain, and also a substance called Manifoam, which is formed from many verses colliding together, making a superheated foam that's almost impossible to cross. This, however, is not the only place that the End Of Chain contains itself, just the main one. Other places do not contain Manifoam, so we can create 2 main kinds of Ends Of Chains:

  • 'Capped' Ends Of Chains (Ends Of Chains with Manifoam)
  • 'Open' Ends Of Chains (Ends Of Chains without Manifoam)

As previously mentioned[3], the End Of Chain was discovered to be a verse when it was found inside itself, and it was found in an open End Of Chain, because there was no known way to get through Manifoam, let alone know there was something even in there.

End Of Chain Structures Tab

When Ends of Chains collide, their surfaces allow for them to just absorb each other, but in the process sometimes create small amounts of Manifoam. It is very rare to sometimes see Manifoam spheres floating in large orbiting structures.

When Superboxes don't contain themselves, they orbit each other and create very chaotic systems of systems of systems... making interesting structures. You should be careful when traversing through these, because colliding with the pretty small superboxes can damage ships.

If you zoom out a bit more, you can find that verses are attracted to each other and make 'clusters' that create long strands and large voids as well. It looks similar to how galactic fibers look. Some verses, like the verses in the Knot Chain, are too large to become part of a cluster.

At the surfaces of Ends Of Chains, there are many verses turned into plasma that are surrounded by a very hard surface, probably similar similar to the surface of Torubarriers[4].

The actual verse plasma demonstrates fractal properties, being basically on a 2D grid. It is self-similar, and so these fractal structures are sometimes called surface structures.

History of the End Of Chain

The following is a history of the current events of the End Of Chain. This history is usually split into 6 main parts:

  • Ancient History Era
  • Entrance Era
  • Exploration Era
  • Discovery Era
  • Escape Era
  • Current Era

Without further ado, let's begin.

Ancient History Era

Almost all of this has only been known from being retrieved from Remnants of Civilization. This is the longest era.

Ancient Entrance

~ BE[5]

At some point around this time, ancient beings entered the End Of Chain. We don't know how exactly they entered, but these beings created Remnants Of Civilization.

Building Event

~ BE

These beings, or as we will now call them, Artoths, and begin building large structures with lots of information, although almost all of it looked a lot like random characters instead of actual writing. These structures are now called Remnants Of Civilization, and they began civilizing portions of it, called Areas. There have been currently discovered Areas, although they have a lot of separate resource systems that repeat themselves, where each Area has 1 of 6 main goals, plus a small amount more that have very rare ones:

  • Recourse Gathering; harvests recourses from verses and objects in the End Of Chain.
  • Education; devoted to having libraries collect information. These have the most Ancient Scripts.
  • Construction; Turns recourses from recourse gathering into construction materials.
  • Exploration; Made to find more spots to create Areas.
  • Economic; Relates to keeping the economy healthy.
  • Portech; The only area that has a recovered name. Made to create portals to get from one Area system to another.

The construction began at about ~ BE, and ended at about ~. After this, there was just working to prepare for the next event.

Ancient Escape

~ BE

At this point, we see what all (or most) of this time was being spent for, which was to construct a very large spaceship for the Artoths to escape the End Of Chain. It is thought that the only reason that these Artoths arrive so much faster than us is because they have a lifetime of about Earth years before any immortality technology, and that they have a mindset that is extremely inclined to see what is outside of everything that they think of as everything. They might not have even discovered that there is an outside to the End Of Chain until they escaped it. When the Ancient Escape happened, all Artoths were evacuated into very large, described as white and you not being able to see the other end of it, ships. The ships took off and all Artoths escaped the End Of Chain. Except one. One Artoth, named Arnenothen, did not leave in time, having had a last-minute Portech mission fail in time, missed the launch of the ships, and became stuck.


~ BE until 0 BE.

At this point until the next era, Arnenothen is stuck in the End Of Chain as the Areas begin to decay into Remnants of Civilization. They read almost all the books in the libraries, which Arnenothen repaired when they began to decay. Because they were very alone, there were attempts to try and get out of the End Of Chain, of which all of them failed. As this was happening, the next era began.

Entrance Era

This era is about our entrance into the End Of Chain and some following events after that. It is the shortest of the eras, but a notable one at that.



It is now in this story that we have our entrance. The crew of the Spairiton ship had recently escaped into the Trefoil Barrier, which was named after it was surpassed, as a joke from the crew because it was much easier to cross than expected. When first entering the End Of Chain, it was documented that there was a large cloud of black dust, now known to be a superbox system. The captain, Captain A. Orenue, was lucky enough to have brought a captain's log onto the Spairiton, allowing historians to easily figure out what happened.

After the first couple of days, some resources were collected from the 'black dust', and a space station was created, called the Beyond Barrier Station, later named the Beyond. The successful mission was notified to the home base, and a second ship was sent, which together the combined 1000 people would help research the End Of Chain and to try and see what comes next.



The second ship arrives, which has most of the resources for research, while most of the 1000 people were on the first ship. The research before then showed signs of a much larger verse compared to the previous one. The most advanced known size location measurement tool was taken on the ship, but no known edge was found. It was confirmed to either be much larger than anything we would've currently been able to detect (yes), or it's completely infinite. The second idea was the more popular one, and the idea of an end of verses being found was becoming popular, although since then this theory has been doubted more and more.

During this time, large 'domes' were made containing food, housing, ships, devices, etc. began construction, and the Beyond Barrier Station is expanded for the first time.

Second Generation


After a lot of time, many domes were made and the Beyond would not be revised for a long time. A third ship has since arrived and met the first two ship's crew. Now there is around 1500 people in the Beyond crew.

But over time a second generation of people were created on the Beyond, and a new generation of avid explorers as well. Many people in this new generation were very curious about other things inside the End Of Chain, but because of what other people were saying, it was now thought that there was no end to the End of Chain, and here the End Of Chain got it's name.

This would also mark the end of an era, and a fourth and fifth ship arrive.

Exploration Era

Now with people eminent on exploration, two 'tribes' within the Beyond crew formed, almost completely sorted by age. A small ship was constructed, called the Explorer (very original name, I know). These people began exploring and finding many of the verses and objects that are not in the Möbiverse hyperchain.

Launching Of Explorer


The Explorer is now finished, and after some preparation, it launches off of the Beyond, and into an abyss that the End Of Chain is. The crew is lead by 'Artie' Orenue Jr., and it only started with 7 people on the ship. In the beginning, the crew discovered a large Superbox, and when it was disassembled, they found more superboxes, and they named the superbox after The Box, thinking that it contained itself.

An antisuperbox was soon found, and the crew of the Explorer were very interested in these objects and began researching their materials and other parts. They were later discovered to have encountered a superbox system, which they would name when they left. It is still the first known superbox system with a Trefoil Barrier in it.

Leaving the System


After lots of time being spent on research about superboxes, not much information was found. They accelerated and expected to find many more superboxes, but that wasn't true once they escaped the system. Because of there being a ring-shaped formation, they named it a superbox system, and the name stuck.

After the system was left, there was a lot of time that passed before they came to another object. Back at the Beyond, almost all of the crew was now interested in End Of Chain exploration, and a second, larger ship began construction. To figure this out, a (not to scale) map was created, and was recently rediscovered.

A very early map on the End Of Chain.

Second Launch


The second ship, called Explorer II, was launched and more information about Superboxes was collected, but it was still not much. The reason all this time was taken to examine Superboxes was because everyone thought that there was nothing else out there, but we were very wrong.

Next Discovery


The Explorer II was actually much faster than the original Explorer. Because of this and that they were both going in the same direction, they arrived at each other. Both ships were combined together and the power of both made them go extremely quickly, allowing them to go much further much faster.

Because of this, they then encountered some other Möbiverse hyperchain verses, which expanded their horizons to having other objects other than what was originally thought.

New Verse


The next verse discovered was a Large Hendecagon[7], and almost was missed, as they were almost exactly facing it's edge. A piece was taken from it and we found out that they are made of Large Decagons which were made of Large Nonagons, which were made of Large Octagons ... which were made of Large Pentagons, which were made of Quadriverses.

The discovery of the polygon -verses were revolutionary, and it was theorized that it would extend to all polygons, which was true. It was proved by Orenue Jr. and he coined the name 'Polygon Chain' for these verses, and changed the name from the Large Square to Quadriverse, arguing that it wasn't in the Polygon Chain.

Back at the Beyond, more and more people wanted to explore more of the End Of Chain, and so there was actually around 30 Explorer ships under construction at once. Eventually, the Explorer CLXIX was constructed, and it would be the final Explorer constructed in a long time. Soon after, all of the ships launched, and the 'Explorer fleet' left the Beyond.

Acceleration of Verse Detection


Because of the fleet of Explorers, they all went in many directions, discovering almost all of the non-Möbiverse hyperchain verses. Larger Polygon Chain verses were discovered, and also some of the Polygram Chain verses too. A Pentagonal Moquark was also discovered, sparking ideas for triangular and hexagonal and heptagonal and octagonal... moquarks, although there have not been any of these discovered.

The Explorer and Explorer II team actually discovered the first Hyperbolicverse, but the Hyperbox would actually take a really long time to be discovered...

Hyperbox Discovery


I told you it took a long time. It was (again) discovered by the Explorer I and II crew, and it was named a Hyperbox after superboxes, even though it didn't have a shell.

The Beyond was also made much much larger after most of the crews of the many Explorers came back to the Beyond and it was rennovated, and many automated machines were made so it's size was around 10 Kardashev.

Discovery Era

This era is about discovering that there is an end to the End Of Chain.

Discovery In Itself


A probe launched near the Beyond was designed to find possible black holes inside the End Of Chain. It, however, found an End Of Chain inside of the End Of Chain, knowing that it contained itself. However, this information would fade into obscurity for a while...



Meanwhile... Arnenothen was still discovering new information, and had basically given up trying to get out of the End Of Chain, and had just been contributing and learning everything in every Remnants of Civilization they knew about.

The Explorer I and II ships were the only ships still searching, and they had detected a 'small rectangular sector object', which would actually be a Remnant Of Civilization. When this new anomaly was detected, they immediately accelerated towards it.

Discovering Arnenothen


The Explorer crews now have arrived at the Remnant Of Civilization, and just from looking at it, the crew called them Remnants Of Civilization, and they explored the remnants in spacesuits. This Remnant Of Civilization, coincidentally had Arnenothen in it. As the crew was exploring some of the Ancient Scripts and trying to translate them (although they seemed extremely random), Arnenothen noticed the crew and panicked, not having seen someone for over years.

The entire crew could feel the Remnants Of Civilization vibrating, and some pulled out biodetectors and didn't detect anything[8] but then they saw Arnenothen.

Human civilization had not discovered another civilization for around years, and were not completely prepared. Attempts to communicate began. Using Ziph's law and early universal translator, they were able to communicate with Arnenothen.

Conversing with Arnenothen


The conversation with Arnenothen began with discovering information about the Artoths and human civilization, and there they discovered that the End Of Chain was actually not an infinite void, and about the Ancient Escape ship.

When this was realized, the crew notified the Beyond, who notified everyone else that the End Of Chain had an... end. People began finding more Remnants of Civilization, and began collecting them into one large Library. People began to create some plans to try and escape it, with inspiration from the Ancient Escape ship. This would be the discovery that would become popular, although the information discovered by the probe would be helpful later.

Escape Era

This is the second-to-last era, and it contains many attempts to escape the End of Chain.

First Attempt


A portion of the Beyond crew began working on trying to create something that can escape the End Of Chain, wondering what comes next. A combination of hyperspeed engines and ultracompact power was used as a way to possibly get through it, but this was not true, because when launched the power became too little and the ship slowed to less than Beyonds per OYC.

This attempt had completely failed, and so we had to go back to the drawing board.

Second Attempt


A new invention had recently been discovered, dubbed the Existence Drive, which can allow things near it to change in Existence Ranks, allowing them to escape infinite objects much faster. Existence Drives also required almost 0 energy, which was what made this so useful for the crew trying to escape the End Of Chain.

When launched, it was successful, however due to dealing with sizes beyond Transuninfinite cardinals, it was nowhere close to getting to the edge, and this was realized a small amount of time later.

Meanwhile, the Remnants Of Civilization were now being collectively constructed into one large Library of Ancient Scripts, and Arnenothen migrated to it and began translating information to a more universal language.

Third Attempt


After a comparatively small amount of time, many Existence Drives were added to the ships to accelerate this, although it would still be a futile attempt. The Existence Rank of the End Of Chain is just that big that using Existence Drives could not be used to escape. New attempts would take a very long time, because at the moment people couldn't think of anything else to use.

Fourth Attempt


A new idea had now come into a small enough size to be worth it to get past the End Of Chain. This new ship now had Extreme Existence Drive, which allowed for increments of Existence Ranks on the scale of , although this still wouldn't work.

The crew trying to make the second escape had a backup plan, though. They used the newest verse detection technology to find just how large the End Of Chain is, and we got our current number of it having a size of Kardashev . This allowed for more planning.

Fifth Attempt


It took a lot of time to have technology that we could even attempt to escape the End Of Chain. But, recently an Indescribability Drive had been invented, which actually would work to escape the End Of Chain.

It worked, but.. because the End Of Chain contains itself, they just escaped into the exact same End Of Chain and actually arrived back at where they were before. The probe data from before was discovered, and we figured out that just adding 3 Existence Drives would allow for escape out of the End Of Chain.

Successful Attempt


With the new information from the previous attempt and probe information, the ship had 3 Existence Drives applied to it. It was launched and after a small amount of time, it passed out of the End Of Chain once, then in 1 day it happened a second time, then in 12 hours it passes a third time, in 6 hours a fourth, in 3 hours a fifth, in 1.5 hours a sixth, in 45 minutes a seventh, in 22 minutes and 30 seconds an eighth, and so on, allowing for a supertask to be committed.

The crew was able to escape into the next verse, the Orbinverse, and new discoveries in the End Of Chain would really slow down. But, this was a great succeed for us, and we now were able to get to larger and larger verses.

Current Era

This era is the least eventful of the eras, so it does not contain much.

Beyond Renovation


An influx of new people trying to get to larger verses supplied a demand to create a larger Beyond Barrier Station. It was turned into a Beyond Barrier Superstation (sometimes now called the SuperBeyond), and that's how it is currently.

Future Projects

No single date

Here is a list of possible future projects related to the End Of Chain. Note that some of these projects have not been completely confirmed to happen.

Project Finmicro

This project is about a possible project that could find objects on low Kardashev scales (sizes at or under ~10). This project could be monumental and we could find many new objects in the area. The name means 'small end'.

Project Terticeter

This project (name meaning 'other third') is about a new surprising fact that around a third of the End of Chain has not been explored yet, and that's why we say that it could contain all Class 2 objects. This project could allow a very large portion of that to become explored, and it is very likely that many new verses will be found.

Project Remnants

This project is probably the least monumental of all the future projects, which is about a possible recreation of a Remnant Of Civilization.

Miscellaneous Properties

This is a list of some miscellaneous properties of the End of Chain, other than dimensionality and Kardashev.

  • EUSI: [9]
  • Finality Index: None, but it could contain The Clock, which has 2-finality. This does not mean that it has 2-finality, though.
  • Existence Rank: At least , although there are some possible contradictions from this.
  • OYC: More than (due to both dealing with finite times, multiples of <math>\omega<math> and other limit ordinals are always the same lengths), although it could be a whole lot older.
  • EABAI: 0


This concludes our summary of discovered information about the End of Chain. When new information is discovered, this page will be updated. If you have read through all of this, here are some see also pages that you might find interesting.

See also


  1. Also can be defined to say that is larger than , therefore it's larger.
  2. 2.0 2.1 this is saying that it is in hyperbolic space
  3. Or see the last part of Properties.
  4. We can't be sure though, because we haven't been able to take a sample from any of these and instead resorted to using wormholes.
  5. Before Entrance.
  6. After Entrance.
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  8. Artoth life is completely different from most life we're familiar with.
  9. This could change, though, due to Project Tericeter.