Enormousverses have 567 layers per top level Enormousverse. Hugeverses are actually the TGH verses with the most even layering. Various types of physics exist within each Enormousverse and their layers, getting higher and higher on the Eisler Value as the verses go up. It varies slightly and may go down between verses but the last layer is always higher valued than the lowest, with the highest EV Enormousverse was 17.3, and the lowest was only 7.1. Enormousverses usually vary in color as well, and many top-tier Enormousverses are named according to their hexadecimal value.

Each Enormousverse is of course different, but the levels of variety in this particular chain/layered verse are off the walls. Some examples of Enormousverses could not be found due to size. Our local tier-2 Enourmousverse has no planets, but the stars have various lifeforms. And stars are rare enough in Enormousverses anyways, so this is also truly impressive.

Despite having a Finality Index of below 0 due to holding only some of what's possible in TGH, level 432 Enormousverses are larger than a TOH Omniverse. Cases like this in this version of the hierarchy are still being studied by scientists.

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