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Entiticlah is a region in space made up of many things exclusive to the region. (It is too small to be it's own universe) These things all come together to make a gigantic form of "cell-like" life.

Types of Species


Tri-Hives are triangle shaped objects that can connect to other versions of itself, Quad-Hives, and the Linkerions. Upon touching a Malsoansath, it will break apart from anything it is connected to.

Quad-Hives work the same way, but are square shaped instead of triangular.


There are 3 types of Linkerions; ETC-LO, ETC-ME, and ETC-SH. all of them connect to Hives using their ends. -LO's and -ME's cannot connect to eachother, -SH can link up as much as needed.

If a Linkerion waits for more than 0.99393 seconds without both of it's ends connected to something, it will disconnect from whatever it is already connected to, and seemingly jump from whatever link it has.


Malsoansaths are spherical objects that connect to Linkerions. They act like the brain of whatever creature it gets added to - allowing it to use it as a joint, letting it bend in any direction using it. Upon a Malsoansath hitting a Hive, the hive will immediately break off of whatever it was connected to, and similarly to the Linkerions, jump from the connections.


Antinsaths are variants of Malsoansath, which repel anything that gets near them, Further research needed.

Extinct Species


Duohives were multiple Hives merged together, upon connection, they would split into 2 different hives. These can actually still be created by 2 hives smashing into eachother at 88MPH (Cheeky reference). Splitting created Diftga.


Malsocalslamsasnias were a type of Malsoansaths which were grouped to eachother. They had a total lifetime of 7 Yalmeon Time before being dismantled.


LINETs were groups of Linkeons and Malsoansaths in a loop with no hives whatsoever. The cause for their extinction was likely because they were unbelievably fragile, touching just about anything would break the loop and kill the LINET.


This space is filled with anomalies, some safe and some dangerous.

Bullet Particles

Bullet Particles are sphere-like objects that can materialize at any point within the Entiticlah, upon creation, they will launch themselves into a seemingly random direction, destroying any parts of the Entiticlah it comes into contact with. They will usually dissipate within 300 Yalmeon Time, but they have been recorded lasting up to 5.8 seconds.


CIONs are circular objects that latch onto Linkerions or Hives, circle around them until they find a connection, and then cut through it. They can do this in a chain, which is why everything isn't in one huge super-species.


CYUUBs are cube-shaped objects that float around the Entiticlah and don't really do much, anything they come into contact with simply phases through it. And seeing how there are only 4 in the entire region (CYUUB.8, CYUUB.16, CYUUB.27, CYUUB.27-2), they don't seem to be a threat.


SHERNION772 is a 45 ly long tower made of unknown material with a window at the very top, upon something touching that window, SHERNION772 will teleport to a seemingly random location in the Entiticlah. More research needed.


⁖⁙⁛⁘ is a constantly slowly moving area within the Entiticlah. Anything inside of it seems to get frozen in time until ⁖⁙⁛⁘ moves off them.


MA-S1s are very small spherical objects that will get attracted to just about anything that has mass, and stick until pulled off. Further research needed.


MA-S5 is a large clump of MA-S1s that can move freely, they attempt to find anything they can use as food (Which seem to mostly be Malsoansaths), seemingly absorbing whatever they decide to eat, and turning it into more MA-S1s.



Diftga is a substance created when a Duohive splits. It is one of the least abundant substances in the entire region but is a great fuel source, and supposedly edible to the creatures here.


Impossibilobtainium is another extremely unabundant substance. Impossibilobtainium is like Unobtainium, but is literally physically impossible to contain. Impossibilobtanium phases through absolutely any atom and any attempts to contain it have failed. It is also super difficult to track. Harvesting energy from it is possible but something would need to be locked onto it in order to collect energy.


UEDU-121 is an anomalous substance discovered by the Universal Element Discovery Unit while scanning the region. Remember that glass on SHERNION772? That's this. This element seems to be completely indestructible, and even then teleports to a random location when colliding with anything.

Ships, satellites and alike.

Name Spacecraft Type Result
CRA-1 Exploration Satellite Successful
CRA-2 Exploration Satellite Destroyed
CRA-3 Information Landing


TRC-A Human Exploration


TRC-B Human Exploration


KLE-KA Rover Supplier In Progress
KLE-KA.1 Rover Lost Signal
KLE-KA.2 Rover Lost Signal
TRC-C Human Exploration


KLE-MI.1 Resource-Analyzer Lost Signal
KLE-MI.2 Resource-Gatherer Successful
TRC-D Human Exploration


TRC-E Human Exploration


TRD-0.0 Experimental Lander Unsuccessful
TRD-0.1 Experimental Lander Unsuccessful
TRD-0.2 Experimental Lander Successful
KLE-MI.3 Resource-Digger Successful
TRD-0.3 Unmanned Lander Successful
TRD-1 Human Landing


TRD-0.4 Feedback Lander Intentionally


TRD-2 Human Landing


APL-1 Supply Dropper Successful
APL-2 Supply Dropper Successful
Firebrand Base Running
UEDU-K39 Anomaly Scanner Successful